Difference between CIC and CMS(R)?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cymru_am_Byth, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. Is CIC more infantry orientated and CMS(R) corps orientated?
  2. The infantry get the content of the CMS(R) delivered earlier, they do more weekends after TAFS, so the CIC is really the infantry 'trade' course.
    This is all being changed, after TAFS you will now do further weekends at your RTC (including NBC that used to be in TAFS), infantry will do around 4 extra weekends and then finally the recruits course (which will include the firing part that used to be in the gap training).

    Back to how it was !!!!
  3. Its in the title, and that should say it all ;)

    CIC "Combat Infantrymans course"

    CMSr "Common Military Syllabus for Recruits"

    CIC is specific to Infantry training and as such covers platoon level tactics and weapons normally, whereas CMSr is personal weapon and core skills and also IS duties.
  4. I thought CMS(R) meant Common Military Syllabus (Reserve)
  5. It does.

    Infantry do more training before going to their first camp (CIC in this case), hence CIC is phase 2 and CMS(R) is phase 1, the CMS(R) syllabus being delivered over about 2-3 weekends instead of 2 weeks.
  6. Never heard of CMS Reserve to be honest, its called CMS for Recruits, simply because its teaches raw skills to recruits, and the Reserve forces just get a compressed syllabus.

    If its Reserve for the Reserves then my bad, however for Regular entry its most definitely "for Recruits" ;)
  7. In fact, having just checked

    It most definitely 100% is CMSR as in R for "for Recruits"

    The only thing we all got wrong is that the TA actually do what is termed, wait for it.......

    CMSr (TA)

    and so the mystique is shattered :D
  8. Polar, this doesn't kick in until October I believe?
  9. SilverBullet wrote:

    The new scheme was set to go from 1 Apr 06. Some RTCs were unable to meet that date so will start later, with the aim being to start 1 Oct 06. The problem is that some RTCs do not have the accommodation, and if issues of kit are anything like what happened with the DETAPO scheme the stores shelves are likely to be bare.

    There's also the issue of instructors: it's all very well giving out 30-40 extra LSNs at an RTC, but who's going to fill them?
  10. Not sure when the second part of my post comes into effect, sounds a far better idea thou.
  11. I Thought it was somthing along the lines of what Polar said. CIC being like a trade course for the Inf. chaps.
    I've met some TA inf that have done CMSR (TA) and some that havn't. I think it just depends on if your unit can find the weekends for you to go on, or if you can actually get the weekends off.

    T C