Difference between a JSP and a Defence Instruction?

Not a riveting topic for a first post but...Could anyone help?

What is the difference in definition (not content, obviously!) between these two?

As a (now) civvy working for a well known war-related museum, who never got anywhere near staff college back in the day, I am struggling to explain which has what kind of authority etc etc. In fact, kind of struggling to explain how the MOD works at all, although it probably doesn't help I never figured it out...

BR, and thanks

DCI no longer exist - subsumed into DIN (Def Info Notices) about 4 years ago.

JSP are pan-Defence policy documents. DINs' are instructions, notices and guidance, but not policy - they sometimes advertise changes to JSP and other policy.
Thanks very much!

I know it's a bit of a bone question, but it'll help fine tune an argument that is going on here.

Hopefully there will be some benefit to the services too...if I win...


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