Difference between 15m and 20m bleep test

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Emkay, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. Is there any difference in difficulty between the 15m and 20m bleep test? I understand that the legnth of time between the bleeps on the former is reduced to take into account the fact that you are running 5m less between each bleep, and that this is designed to compensate for the fact that the distance is shorter.

    My gym offers the former of these as we have limited space, the PT who does it says that there is no difference in the final result and that all things being equal this will convert into the same when I go and run the 20m. Can anyone confirm this, and if it is not true what do I need to do to convert a score from the 15m test into an approx. score on the 20m test?
  2. The MSFT is laid out in the MATTS instruction anything else is civifukwitbollox and of no interest.

    Your PT guy is an idiot, how can running 15m be the same as running 20m otherwise we could pick and chose between a 2.4Km PFT and a 1.8Km to be done in the same times.
  3. I've met lots of people who claim they can finish the beep test, usually based on them doing 15m shuttles and then reading the wrong table. The way to find out whether the test is being administered properly is to get your score in ml per kg of bodyweight (there's a table in the test, level 15 for example is about 66) and then look at the Cooper test figures, which are available on the web. The Cooper test tells you how far people can usually run in 12 minutes for any given score - 66 is about 3460 metres.

    If there is a big difference between your beep test score and your Cooper test score then probably the beep test is being badly administered. The correlation between the two results should be pretty high - I helped a sports science student do his project on this.
  4. Thanks for the info Gobby. Thats interesting will try it myself.

    I don't know if there is a difference between the two of them, although the bleeps are shortened would you still be running less distance or does each level have more sub-levels (.1, .2, .3 etc) than the 20m version?

    Best bet is just go outside, measure 20m distance and do the 20m version on your own. You can download the test from loads of places.

  5. As I mentioned the 15m test involves a shorter bleep to compensate for the reduced distance, in other words you have less time to make the distance!

    I would rather do the 20m test as this is what the army do. It is simply not an option due to the size of the gym I am trying to do it in. The carpark might be available but wet and slippery surfaces are not ideal for fast turns and sprinting.
  6. I did the 20m bleep test this morning.

    I can confirm that there is very little difference between the two tests, I found the 20m test slightly harder but interestingly did slightly better then on the 15m test reaching 11.2, compared to 11.1 in the process.

    I am an afternoon person and attempted the 20m test in the morning, I also did it by myself (when I did the 15m test I had someone running with me). If I take out these differences I think that the two tests are the same difficulty and produce almost identical results.
  7. Thanks for that, I had wondered the same thing myself.