difference between 1 and 2 r welsh

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by jstratton, Mar 10, 2011.

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  1. I know the 1st battalion is light role and ready to deploy world wide and the 2nd battalion are an armoured battalion but can anybody tell me what would be the better choice to join? and the difference between travel, exercises etc..
  2. Depends whether you want to be in the back of a APC or not. Travel wise, you shouldnt base you choice of battalion on that.
  3. Were in Wales are you from
  4. I'm from Cardiff
  5. 1st Battalion are from North Wales were all the men are handsome, charming and irresistable to atractive women. Where as the 2nd Battalion are from the 'orrible South and are all bitter and twisted about not being as good as "Them Gog's!" :)
  6. The North definitely has the best sense of humour, attitude to life, degree of attractiveness not to mention landscape...apart from Rhyl. But we don't talk about Rhyl.
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  7. Or Manchester South as it should be known!
  8. or speak with a scouse accent like all good gogs do.....come to 2nd batt.....we are only 1 hour away from wales
  9. And only 2 stages behind homosapiens. ;-)
  10. true but its good to be jealous of something, when your an amobea
  11. I'll have you know old boy I am able to speak with an excellent received pronunciation, iawn!?
  12. Psml.....thats ok I have met some brilliant gogs in my time...all serving with us
  13. In the 1st youd be a Fusilier in the 2nd a Private. Other than that not a great deal.
  14. You can offer a preferance but unless you can claim grandfather rights ( A strong family connection ) you will have little say in which Battalion you end up in.
  15. Yes, 1 Royal Welsh is full of Welsh pricks, 2 Royal Welsh is full of Welsh pricks.