Differance Royal Engineers and Royal Electrical & Mechanical

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Richym_83, Jan 2, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    Can anyone tell me the differances between Royal Engineers and Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers.

    Does one act closer to combat than the other or is there other differances. Am still trying to work out which career path to take.

  2. In reference to your "closest to combat" line of questioning, it'd be difficult to answer. You need to start looking at specific trades within each Corps to really compare, and even then much of it would be largely speculative.

    I'd advise you look at www.armyjobs.mod.uk and look at trade descriptions, see which particular jobs interest you and then ask questions.

    However, as a *very* general overview:

    As all Corps tend to advertise, the Royal Engineers think of themselves as Soldiers First, Combat Engineers second and tradesmen third. Look ino the specifics of combat engineering for an idea of the majority of what your time might be spent doing.

    Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers have a wide variety of trades also, but no "combat engineering" aspect as such. It employs Vehicle Mechanics, Armourers, Technicians, Recovery Mechanics, Metalsmiths etc.

    As said, if you can come back with what trades get sparks flying for you then perhaps somebody here could be of more help.

    I wouldn't say that's exactly fair. Basic research only gets you so far, and this forum is surely a medium for research?
    The Careers Office can offer information, of course, but it helps to ask those in the know. In hindsight I might not have been quite so naive as to be pushed rather than guided into trade.
  3. REME are electrical and Mechanical Engineers as the Name sugests RE are more civil Engineers, plumbers road builders, bridge builders brickies etc

    REME armourer is the way to go for a cracking trade with fast promotion

  4. I have been going over them with a fine tooth comb and have been looking into Military Engineer (Electrician), Aircraft Technician, Avionics/Electronincs Technician or AAC Ground Crew. My main aim is to fly but have a long way to go before i can and understand that i can take the selection once i have a recommendation for Corporal in any Corps. I would ideally like to learn a skill which i can take to civi street if need be pref relating to Electronics or alike but want to be in combat also. I am just unsure as to which route to take.

    I appreciate your comment on research also, as not one thing on the army jobs website says that the differance between these two corps are that one is more involved with Electrical and Mechanical issues. Specially seeing the RE have an Electrical course!!!
  5. Thanks Dave...

    I assume you took this route? What did your job involve and what kind of Skills can you learn?
  6. The "Electrical" part of REME is now much more "Electronical." I serve as an Electronics Technician and can attempt to answer any trade-related questions.
  7. RE electrics will be 17th edition i.e 240, 415 etc REME electricians are no more, they dealt with vehicle electrics only. The REME go to most units to suppoirt them including the Royal Engineers.

  8. Thanks... Could you give me an idea as to what your job involves on a day to day basis? I understand it varies but would like some kind of idea what the role involves apart from repairing and maintaining electrical systems.

    Also do you get deployed to Afghanistan etc. regularly.

    I guess the last thing i would want is to end up in England for most of my career repairing vehicles etc. I am the kind of person that enjoys a challenge and would like to be at the forefront of operations. Although i know that i wont be for most of the time... or will i???
  9. I can tell you what my job is like on a day to day basis, but it won't necessarily reflect the experiences of people serving at other units.

    I am an Electronics Technican 6 months out of training, working in a workshop at an Artillery Regiment.
    Day to day, start work at 0800. Monday morning would be a kit inspection before jumping in to "Prod" work, which is trade jobs on the shop floor. Tuesdays and Thursdays would be PT first thing.
    Wednesday afternoon is Sports Afternoon, unless there is some important work that needs to take priority.
    Friday brings up CO's PT, usually some form of battle PT before an early knock-off for the weekend.

    Trade wise, on the floor, things can vary massively. If there is no Tech work on the go then it's normal to lend a hand to the VM's if they require it. If there are any tasks that need handling you could easily find yourself helping out. I've found myself helping to handcraft benches for a social area, organising social functions, handling mess business, answering phones, pouring tea, installing phone lines, weeding a patio, sweeping leaves. Of course, there's always the inevitable guard duties to manage.

    The unit I'm at does get deployed regularly, with there always being at least one Battery spporting Herrick. As part of an LAD you would deploy with your Battery on operations to maintain the equipment.
  10. Everyone gets their fair share of the action, it just depends on the demand for each "trade" at one certain time.
  11. So being 6 months out of training have you been deployed yet or not? What kind of things do you fix or maintain?

    Also and i understand fully if you do not want to divulge this information but Pay is another factor which i am having difficulty working out. I have a chart which shows 2 differant bands of pay and the pay seems very varied. Is there any way i can get a better insight into what i would actually earn in differant trades or is there some kind of rule of thumb to it all???

    Thanks for the insight into your job that is the kind of thing i need to know and found that extremely helpful...
  12. Thanks... can i ask what job you do?
  13. no offence but as a 15 year old how exactly are you qualified to give an answer to this?.
  14. No, I have not yet deployed. Whether I will deploy with this unit is not certain yet.
    I help to maintain an Artillery System, I don't want to divulge any more than that. As it goes it's an entertaining and challenging job, there really is a certain amount of satisfaction involved in getting a piece of kit back to working order.

    As for pay, I'd definitely recommend you get someone in the Careers Office to explain it to you. I don't pretend to understand it, and it will vary throughout Phase 1, Phase 2 and may take a few months to even out as you go through these changes, and on to Phase 3. It's made even more difficult to explain because of the promotion for Techs before moving on to the field Army.
  15. No problem i understand totally... and can immagine the achievement when you do get something back onto the field in tip top condition.

    As for the pay it is a complicated one and will bring it up on monday when yet again im going to try get somesort of resolve to my career path.

    Thanks again for your help it has been really good.