Diet PIlls

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by chasey_lain, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. Im currently serving in the army and was wanting to try diet pills to shead a few pounds, can i still use them or will it make me fail CDT
  2. Diet pills? less, exercise more! simple!
  3. There's no easy way to get fitter for the army. I've had to lose loads of weight, just feel the burn!
  4. Don't do it... they're either ephidrine based, which i can't imaging the CDT team being too happy about, or they'll make you shite through the eye of a needle every time you eat any fat! As the demure Charlotte says, stick to exercise and sensible eating.

    You too could have a body like mine........if you're not vewy VEWY careful!!!!
  5. There are a number of so called 'diet pills' available. Some are licensed, some are not. Not all of them contain ephedrine.

    Whilst it must be said that as a serving member of the British Forces, you should not need this form of treatment, there may be some instances when it is required.

    Do you really need to lose weight? If so, then diet and exercise are by far the best way to do so. If these fail (and am not sure how they could if you are a serving member of the Armed Forces, usually with gym facilities on your doorstep and PTIs lurking under every stone) then consider looking for professional help through the medical centre. Many will be able to provide lifestyle supoprt and if medically it is felt you need to lose weigh then there are certain licensed medicines that are available on prescription for those that truly need help.

    Buying anything over the counter,to lose weight, in my opinion, is daft .
  6. Eat more - Do more!

    Smaller meals more often loads of exercise!

    Failing that shiit more than you eat.

  7. Why not go on a 3 mile run 2 to 3 times a week, eat less, booze only on the weekends, stop going for seconds (PAYD should help there) and stop eating kebabs on the way back from town. You say you are in the army, I'm sure you'll have a PTI in your unit who will help you in this matter.

    And FFS, LEAVE THE PILLS ALONE! Your trainers are in the corner, covered in dust... fattiy!
  8. I tried loads of pills and diet plans after I left the army (hydroxycut, low carbs etc) and the only one that has worked is running for an hour 5 days a week and reducing portion size.

    Thats it, its a no brainer. Theres no quick easy way to lose weight.
  9. well im in the army so i do a lot of pt 4 days a week with the sqn and 4 days a week off my own back its just those last few problem pounds before summer
  10. If thats all you have left to go then up your workload, weighted runs and bloody well sweat man! bin the biscuits, sugar in tea and all the 'hidden' nasties, dressings, sauces etc!

    Diet pills are for idiots and chavs who think they can drug themselves thin...alternatively go for broke and become a total coke head, worked for Amy Whingehouse and Pete Dickerty, not only will you be guaranteed to lose weight also fail a CDT, lose your friends, career, self-respect and many, many brain cells...also your nasal septum as a free gift! but you will be thinner! but!

    Stop posting on here and go out to the gym!
  11. ive only just got back,
  12. well done!! well have a w4nk too that should relieve you of another few grams!
  13. i would if i was a bloke but i dont really have the ability
  14. its all energy used up dear girl! x
  15. "Diet pills" won't help. The only ones that will are eph or eph based, and they will raise your BMR by a fraction, looking at 1-3% increase. Eph will give you problems at CDT time so it eliminates those.

    If your weight-loss has stagnated, then there are things you can do to mix it up. If you're after a quick fix, the only true quick-fixes are illegal for military types.

    Most OTC supplements offer very, very little.