Diet Dr Pepper. Is it just me or has it dissapeared?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by BuggerAll, Jun 26, 2010.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I like Diet Dr Pepper but it seems to have gone into hiding. Unless you know otherwise.
  2. Stuff tasted like shite
  3. pungent fart test
  4. I had a can of it yesterday.
    Ok so it came from the PX :)
  5. I don't do diet drinks. Probably because I'm not a fat cnut.
  6. It tastes like fox pee - not that I have ever drunk fox pee but I imagine that if I did it would taste like Dr Peppers diet muck.

    Be a man and drink full fat coke
  7. I tried it once, and it was neither medicinal nor peppery. Complete ripoff.
  8. As someone who works for Coca Cola Enterprises in MK, I can tell you diet Dr Pepper is not produced for the UK market. just Dr Pepper and Dr Pepper Zero it is Diet Dr pepper re-branded.
  9. But where in the UK can I get my diet A&W Root Beer?
  10. Mountain Dew used to be available over here. I know because I had some.

    Tasted like recycled rat pish if I recall correctly.

  11. Coca Cola Enterprises own the rights to produce Dr Pepper in the UK.
  12. albimangles - "As someone who works for Coca Cola Enterprises"

    Trust you didn't have a hand in the utter bollox marketing of Vanilla??? Also hope the dimbollicunts who did were ceremoniously stuffed in their boxes - lined with their utterly worthless pieces of paper off their former office walls - and buried within the San Andreas Fault so they can spend the rest of their miserable existence blaming San Andreas. :evil:

  13. Vanilla Coke is the only kind of Coca Cola worth drinking. The only special kind they do now is Cherry Coke and that stuff is purely rancid.

  14. Better to keep posting in 'dance group' thread and let people think you're probably a mong, rather than post here as well and remove any doubt ;)

  15. No.