Diesel exhausts do cause cancer, says WHO

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Grubby Bum III, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. This report from the BBC today:

    BBC News - Diesel exhausts do cause cancer, says WHO

    So, as diesel has been around since the very early days of motoring, how many deaths from lung cancer attributed to tobacco in the past could now be attributed to diesel fumes instead? Did we get it all wrong? Can we start smoking in pubs again?

    On the other hand, various organisations are well-known for producing reports promoting their research (and therefore gaining more funding) at time calculated to be to their advantage. Can we trust this report from the UN?

    Debate at leisure (bot possibly not over a fag or two just yet ....).
  2. No!!!! No!!!! No!!!! Contrary to what most smokers think that they have been uber penalised for having their smoking rights removed when on pub premises, us non smokers can now have a sip of our our beer without having to constantly dodge the cigarette smoke as we raise our glass to our lips and we no longer go home smelling like a foul ashtray!
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  3. regardless who's right or wrong with the smoking issue, all I see is pubs emptied of people and atmosphere to cater for modern day metrosexual man, who sip a few(girly stlyle) drinks whilst discussing aftershaves, c..s the lot of them.
    and keep your brats out of pubs most people don't want other peoples kids running around squealing.
  4. SO Diesel Car fumes cause cancer.... And I suppose supping on unleaded car fumes is perfectly good for you then....
  5. Whats that you say? Unleaded fuel is full of Benzene, a known and powerful carcinogen?

  6. This is a step along the road to having compulsory exhaust filters fitted and another excuse for more tax.
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  7. Totally agree,

    isn't this just an excuse for the government to justify an increase in tax on diesel engines to replace the lost revenue on many people swapping to smaller greener cars...
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  8. I'm sat in my garage sookin a tab, sniffin petrol fumes off ma bike after havin an all day sesh breathing truck fumes. Mrs mac is asleep so I'm supping her vodka.
    Will I get taxed on this or have to pay a fine to the NHS I wonder
  9. And agreed by consensus of a panel of experts just like the made up alcohol units per day and 5 portions of fruit or veg.
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  10. [​IMG]

    Everything causes cancer these days...
  11. Diesel fumes go hand in hand with development, the more development in a nation the more hospitals and improved health care.

    Detection rates go up not the actual incidence, previously when no-one had a pot to piss in and died in agony in a hovel there was no doctor around to say "yup that's cancer allright" you just died from unknown causes.
  12. Seconded sir! And no I don't drink girly drinks, discuss aftershave or approve of metrosexuality, I just think smoking is ******* minging.

    And I agree that they do usually spout that everything causes cancer these days. So to that end I'm going to continue to drive around in my 'gas guzzling' diesel powered Landy and if I die from cancer because of it then so be it.

    Stuff the WHO.

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  13. I remember reading a report that B.O. basher causes cancer and another about sex causing cancer. Everything causes cancer, even being on ARRSE.
  14. what buzz said.
    I remember as a kid the local GP who was useless seemed to just say they had 'dropsy' whatever the blinking heck that was?
  15. I remember back in the early '60s a report came out that candy floss caused cancer. Even in those days, someone had the nous to ask how much candy floss you had to take to get said cancer. The eventual response was something like 2 tons a day for around 20 years. Nuff sed!