Diemaco LSW?

Browsing the wiki, I came across this:


A few things puzzled me about this list, not least the last weapon mentioned.

Do British forces really use the Diemaco LSW?

Also, why on earth are there so many types of drill purpose weapons?

What are they used for?

Does anyone do drill with a GPMG?

If it's for instruction, surely a real one would be better?
Jetwave_Dave said:
Thanks for your interesting and informed contribution.
Sorry I cant help TT, in the words of Billy Joel, "Its all rock 'n' roll to me!" :wink:
Archimedes said:
I always thought that the Diemaco LSW and C8 SFW are two different weapons, not two different names for the same thing?


In which case, the wiki may be off-beam?
They most definitely are different weapons. The question is which weapon (if any) does the L119 designation refer to?

The "armourer" who originally wrote the wiki page wrote 'Diemaco LSW (M16 type)', but it has been changed a few times since.
No SASC bods online?

Perhaps this thread have been better placed in REME, Inf, or QMs?

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