Diego Garcia

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DesktopCommando, Feb 14, 2012.

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  1. After having a butchers on wiki, I noticed that we are due to get the Islands back in 2016;

    Diego Garcia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    "On 30 December 1966, the US and the UK executed an Agreement through an Exchange of Notes which permit the US to use the BIOT for defense purposes for 50 years (through December 2016), followed by a 20-year optional extension (to 2036) to which both parties must agree by December 2014.[15] No monetary payment was made from the US to the UK as part of this agreement or any subsequent amendment. Rather, the United Kingdom received a US$14 million discount from the US on the acquisition of submarine launched ballistic missile system Polaris missiles per a now-declassified addendum to the 1966 agreement.[16]"

    Apart for the most probable US extending for a further 20 years, wouldn't this be a excellent new posting :) :excited:
  2. It is a fair bet that if the yanks give them back (a huge massive if), then we will no doubt give them back to Mauritius along with about a billion quid to help the local populous get back on their feet.

    I am a bit confused as to why we purchased them so that the yanks could use them. Was that another wonderful decision by a Labour arse licking government?
  3. I have never been there but I know a few USN sailors and officers who have. Usually it was referred to as "the arrsehole of the earth" although I have also heard it called "the armpit of the planet" I suspect that part of this is that it was, and still may be, a dry installation. Like a USN ship. If it would become British I strongly suspect that it would only be dry for about 30 seconds after a Brit takeover.
  4. If I can shed a little light here. The Uk doesn't get the islands back in 2016 as they have always been part of the UK as an Overseas territory. We split the Archepelago off from the Mauritius when they were granted independance in the mid '60s, there is a sort of gentleman's agreement that when the UK has finished with it for defence purposes then we will cede it to Mauritius.

    The basing agreement with the US expires in 2016, there is no sign of it not being renewed, although I think it will only be for between 20 - 30 years.

    As for it being an excellent posting - it is!!
  5. As we can't afford to keep troops in Germany, what makes you think that we would maintain an independant base like this if the US pulled out?
  6. I don't think there is any question that we would. Whilst it has big strategic importance to the US, we only piggy back on their infrastructure. There is no way we could replicate this, or indeed any reason why we should want to.
  7. I thought you could buy alcohol there..at least in the mess/ bars/ designated areas. Could be wrong, but this was what I heard a few years ago from a Navy friend of mine.
  8. There are about 30 brits on the island.

    If the Yank lease is up... how about we charge for the next 20 odd years?
  9. I've been there - an amazing place, and one which provides the UK with a free strategic naval facility in the Indian Ocean, complete with Z Berth for SSNs. Its essentially a large horseshoe, with a large runway capable of housing up to B2 / B52 bombers. When I was there, we saw a lot of aircraft doing regular missions over Afghanistan / Iraq.

    The UK presence gives us sovereignty over the islands, and visitors have to go through HM Customs (done by an RN police force), and there is a joint administration. Essentially the Queen is head of state and the dollar is the currency. The population is about 50 Brits, and several thousand yanks. What the UK gets is the right of veto over any mission flown from the base, which when you consider that its the sole friendly base in several thousand miles, provides us with significant leverage at little real cost.
  10. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer


    I smashed in a week there and it is ******* epic. I would kill my gran for a draft there. They work Tropical routines which means work from 7am til 1pm, then it's beach time for the rest of the day. That means BBQs, beer and snorkelling (no diving due to lack of decompression facilities). The yanks had a half decent band, who did the rounds of all the bars (of which the brits have two and the yanks have a few). Seems to be just one massive party.

    Incidentally I bottled it when I ended up back in a big fat, black American lady's cabin and decided to walk back to the ship hammered, via the US version of a NAAFI van where I got the most amazing pork 'hogey' (roast pork, crackling, stuffing and gravy in a bun).
  11. In fact there are 41 Brit miltary personnel on the island, with all 3 Services represented, several hundred US (depending on what's going on) and about 1700 contractor workers (think Falklands but Filipino rather than St Helenan). And it most definately not a dry island!!!
  12. The US is intending to base UAV's there so it you won't see them give up the islands in your lifetime.
  13. What nice shiny presents are we going to be given in return for an extention in 2016? 120 second hand F18 might cut an agreeable dash in FAA markings.
  14. No apple sauce? Bloody heathens!
  15. DG is a bit too far away from anywhere interesting, unlike the Seychelles which is where they have them already