Diego garcia

Has anyone ever been posted there I'm after some info for a mate who has been fortunate enough to be posted there, if only i was that lucky im stuck in the Falklands. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Hope he/she likes spams and water, lots and lots of water.
When is he going? I was offered the slot for nov next year.
Good luck to him, I wasn't aware there was any Army posts on the island? Must be one of the few sunshine postings still available that doesn't involve being shot at by bearded locals.

Not much help but my Bruv in law was posted out there about 7 years ago with the Maureens. General feeling I got from him was, fantastic experience but be prepared for severe bouts of bordom as even paradise islands become mundane after a while.

Upsides - Great Scoff, brilliant newly built (7 years ago) Yank Gym, plenty of USAF minge to sniff around, lots of down time, fishing, scuba diving, beach BBQ's, extra pay, sun, sea and sand.

Downsides - Tiny place, less USAF minge to sniff around now compared to 7 years ago, bored head shed, bored matelot MP's, limited number of drinking establishments, no penguins but big **** off Sharks.
I know 2 people who have been there. All I know is it is working with Yanks and unaccompanied!
Forced Removal of the Indigenous Inhabitants
Although Diego Garcia once had a small native population, the inhabitants, known as the Ilois, or the Chagossians, were forced to relocate (1967–1973) so that the island could be turned into the U.S. military base. Most of the roughly 1,500 displaced Chagossians were agricultural workers and fisherman. Uprooted and robbed of their livelihood, the Chagossians now live in poverty in Mauritius's urban slums, more than 1,000 miles from their homeland. A smaller number were deported to the Seychelles. About 850 islanders forced off Diego Garcia are alive today, and another 4,300 Chagossians have been born in exile. A 2003 60 Minutes segment and a 2004 documentary by Australian journalist and filmmaker John Pilger, Stealing a Nation, have done much to publicize the little-known plight of the islanders.

Read more: Where in the World Is Diego Garcia? — Infoplease.com Where in the World Is Diego Garcia? — Infoplease.com

That was very civil of us & the land of the free eh ?
Forced Removal of the Indigenous Inhabitants....
Population of 1500 increasing to over 5000 in just 40 years!? Something must be going right for them then, or are they lining up for compensation payments?

Anyway, as I recall, they were not natives of DG, but itinerants who spent some time there.
I hit a bit of a stumbling block when I mentioned tat to the Mrs...
Yeah one of the reasons I've never "enquired" as much as I'd love to have been there!
Couldn't even placate her with a 'well you could visit me there*'.

*may or may not be possible.
Not, as far as I'm aware
@ Chocolate Frog I think he has a few courses to do back in the UK (He leaves his current job here in Jan) then I think its about 14 months in Diego, i will confirm this when he get's back in if you want i can get him to PM you once he's settled in give you all the info.
I knew a chap at JHQ who had been there for a 6 month stretch, he used to tell us stories and show piccies.

Allegedly it is one of those US bases that really belongs to the Brits so there is a Brit contingent on hand for administration of customs duty, magisterial services, policing and of course pinning the blame on if anything goes tits up.

Said chap told us that there are parts of the island restricted to UK personnel only - the nice parts with the beaches. The part that the septics use resembles a Heathrow airport dropped into the Indian Ocean with much natural concrete spleandour.

Chappie went on to tell us that the Brits used to be able to charm the septic ladies quite easily because they had the nicer side of the island with the beaches where they could take them for BBQ's, beer and shagging.

Its what I was told, never went. Visited Gan a couple of times passing through for a day or two though.
Can't see the RAF flying over without a quick 'technical difficulty'.
I dunno where crabair fly nowadays, but they used to do the flag flying routes to visit the BATT's and outposts located around various forlorn emerging third world locations - to drop off beer and the like..

You could use the septics and probably catch a flight from Frankfurt AFB.
one of the final living the dream drafts for Royal. Best gig is as medic you cross train as pouch handler and ad-hoc vet. Water skiing and marlin fishing, bronzying and banging american totty

Is there a downside? Don't say ******* boredom
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