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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_creature, Nov 7, 2010.

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  1. Obviously if your going on tour you need to be committed, The training to become a class 1 rifleman is quite heavy on some due to work but a few lads have been taken of the deployment list for missing a DIE weekend or two. Now what I don't understand is the regular battalion needs x amount of soldiers for HERRICK 15 and are not to happy about some blokes missing a weekend of training. I myself have attended all the training required but the guys who have missed should at least get a chance to catch up on the DIE by hosting a few more weekends. If the regs need the blokes so bad why are they taking blokes of the list without giving the time to catch up?

    the lads want to go on tour and our regular battalion need a fair gap filled so why not?
  2. some weekends are more important that the others so it depends on what you have missed. The more you've missed the more of a "risk" you are to the hosting unit you are. If that makes sense.
  3. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    A while back I had an exchange with The _Duke around the question of, 'if a bloke from one Bn misses one or two DIE weekends can he catch up with another Bn who are doing theirs later in the year?' The conclusion we came to was, whilst this would be an entirely sensible integrated approach, the here and now of it mitigates against this being reality. A TA training year should incorporate some repetition or a wash up, but I'm guessing the time factor is tight. H15 augmentees will probably be mobbing next Easter.

    As for the Regs needing blokes badly. Well, it's not what it was a year or two ago. The desperate trawl across Infantry Bns for enough meat to feed the grinder seems to have eased up markedly. Moreover, there are far more volunteers than slots available. Mobilising reservist to augment a Regular Bn is a bit of an imprecise art as you never know how many will drop out at any one of the stages. You might have people who make it all the way through DIE training and turn up to RTMC only to fall at Chilwell over a J1/Medical issue. So aiming off for 'natural wastage' is the norm
  4. Indeed, natural wastage. well our regular battalion need 70 blokes apparently, we only have say 30 up to date with training so far. Add a bit of natural wastage and that could lower to 24-5. I suppose that other TA units might have to muck in and come out with us.
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    How many DIE weekends are there? If you need to have a "100% catch up capability", take that number and double it.

    Sadly, different people miss different weekends - you can be almost certain that there will be a few people missing on every single weekend. There is little repetition in the programme, and the training objetives are deemed necessary or they wouldn't be on the programme.

    Miss a weekend and miss the TOs - some can be covered on training nights but not all of them. Miss too much and there is simply not the time to catch up, or the insructor/ammo/range time.