DIE training for the win

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_creature, Jul 22, 2011.

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  1. DIE (directive infantry employment) takes a TA infantry soldier about 18 months to complete. It mainly consists of all the appropriate training needed to deploy to a regular battalion after mobilisation such as FOB routine, medical training, various weapons WHT and ranges including quite a few 2 week battle camps and weekend exercises that were quite a graft in terms of fitness and determination.

    Looking back on the 18 months some exercises were in fact quite bone and pointless e.g taking and holding a trench system under constant attack in decemember. However it has help me In a big way in terms of skills and drills also fitness to blend in to a normal regular unit. You could even say slightly better than the typical tom.

    DIE has been a big step forward in commitment and training of the TA and I hope it continues to be used and improved for the other guys who deploy in the future.

    I have completed 2 confirmatory exercises with my regular unit and to be honest I have done much harder exercises and battle camps in the die package then what I had to do for a tick in the box to go to a war zone with my unit.

    Thanks to all units who provided Ds and training for the DIE package.
  2. NOWAH - you seem to be growing up, fellah.

    Good for you.

    Would question some parts of the DIE package to be honest - two days on extraction under fire?

    Hope the SS course went well.

  3. Cheers BB. SS course went very well im now one of the company sharpshooters for tour which is good. All the sharpshooters have a 4 day range package with a shoot off with the top 3 being able to do a sniper course, I cam joint 3rd on the last competetion however I would happily stick with the sharpshooter rifle as it is an awesome weapon.
  4. Having read some of the threads on DIE, can't help thinking that my unit was lacking in the preparation. In fact piss poor would be a better
  5. Care to explain a bit?
  6. So how much could be trimed.. Is a case of trying to do everything, not like the older systems where if you were a Regt Sigs you didn't do A Veh equipment, same with mortars not doing the tracked lessons (which cut 50% of the lessons). Obviously still lacking the experience part.

    Is the training aimed at Bg, Coy, Pln, Sect and/or Soldier
  7. Aim is to get TA soldiers approaching the skill level of Regulars.

    I did the DIE package involving weapons handling on the AK & M16 ( latter to WHTs ), firing the .50 and GMG, UGL, LMG, Sigg; fam with Javelin; BOWMAN, fair bit on Cultural Awareness, a FOBEX, VALLON and C-IED training, and best of all the OFTs. ( note - ensure that your ECBA is not too tight or you'll grey out. )

    Given that TA soldiers are mainly IRs it was aimed at the individual. The FOBEX was a big learning curve for me.
  8. Thinking more of must have and nice to have. Although I fully expect to hear 'it's all must haves'
  9. this sounds like a really good scheme. when i mob'd a couple of years ago they were reliant on the recieving Bn doing most of this during your pre-deployment exercises. i'd imagine this sort of thing will become more of the norm when they "beef up" the TA.

    i take it you had to attend all elements?
  10. Not all bits where required by all ranks - the Seniors had to do the Cultural Awareness stuff, not the juniors.

    We had an Herrick 15 Passport that served as a record of who had done what; to be honest, I think that some people would not have done evrything. My view was that as I was training for Ops, I wanted all the training I could get. Delighted (not) when I found out I was not going to be mobilised. Nine weekends on the bounce earlier this year; suppose it could have been worse; I could have been home with the Evil Bitch Queen of Hades.

    Most of all I miss the chance to keep bring rude to our three young Subbies doing the course aka Hewey, Dewey and Lewey.
  11. DIE was first implemented for the HERRICK 15 cohort, I assume that all HERRICK cohorts for Infantry will undertake DIE. If I didnt have the 18 months training I would of been a burden on my unit, my herrick 15 passport aloud me to go on a GPMG range package of 2 days, then a sharpshooter course as I had a WHT for the M16 and now I have just completed the first day of a team medics course as i had done a ta exercise which was team medic related through DIE. (Bravo_Bravo was on it as well)

    Im being used as a reliable asset rather than some Ta guy who is only going to be around for a year.
    P.s being sig trained I was able to be iussed the pistol on exercise as well as my trusty 7.62 L129a1 baby.
  12. so do you go to your reg unit just before deploying? we did this sort of stuff once we got to Bn (we were with them for 3 months before deploying)
  13. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    DIE training is a precursor to the pre-deplyment training you go through with your Regular battalion, hence the degree of duplication mentioned by the_creature. The idea is that every TA Infantryman is at a Regular Grade 1 standard before joining their Reg battalion, but I think the real concern was to ensure that they had been trained so as to match the fitness standards of Regular Infantrymen. Something which couldn't be gauged by an AFT & PFA at RTMC.
  14. seems like a good idea and probably the way foward, glad i didnt have to bugger about with it all though.