DIE training - Convoy Ops with the Loggies

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Oct 25, 2010.

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  1. Part of the D I E requirements is to practice Convoy Ops; we have the blokes, the RLC have the convoys so we got together. Some 130 Riflemen, 17 or so DROPs vehicles and a very useful weekend of training.

    Various stands in the morning, including a very good lesson on Convoy drills from the RLC 2i/c. Gave a lot of insight to the PBI. Also had anti-ambush drills, recovery etc.

    Exercise started at around 1430 with the Infantry clearing the route and paying particular attention to VPs. The CLP moved in a huge circle around SPTA, including some presence on public roads. They DROPped off kit ( and picked it up next day. ) Escorts where in WMIK and MASTIFF ( disguised for deception purposes as stripped-down landrovers and Bedford 4-tonners. ) The top cover guys gibbered as the weather closed in.

    Naturally the CLP was hit by both IED and SA fire. Drills where practised and it was pleasing to watch junior commanders on their own initiative taking their guys through various drills in the little down time that was available.

    The first phase ended about 0230, with the three Subbies receiving their Orders as soon as they returned to the FOB ( aka Coombe Farm. ) They in turn issued their orders about three hours later that morning and it started again.

    Useful training with an interesting insight into the job of the RLC and also some useful Lessons Learned.
  2. Sounds like a good weekend, everyone benefits and relatively simple in concept.
    I've seen people shy away from multi cap badge weekends because it highlights faults and weaknesses but that's why we should do them, how else do we learn?
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    That sort of training is invaluable, but takes some work to set up. It also takes a huge leap of faith by all concerned that everyone else is going to do their bit too.

    If you are going to plan a composite Coy group weekend with Inf, RA, RE, RMP and RAMC, with everyone contributing their bit you need it all to work if the reality is to match the pre-exercise build up you have given to generate the interest. This needs a lot of prep work to ensure that everyone understands every unit's training objectives for the exercise, and what they can do to support other people's TOs. It needs everyone to clearly understand what they are required to contribute.

    The Inf need to turn up in sufficient numbers to patrol/guard/strike, the RA with the FOO pair and CP to work back to, the RE (EOD) with lots of toys for IED and minestrike drills, RMP for prisoner handling and post incident evidence gathering and the RAMC to give a med plan to work back to and CASSIM.

    The last minute failure of any one of the participants really hits the programme hard as those serials they were central to need to be rapidly rewritten. 144 Para Med Sqn pulled out at the very last minute meaning no CAP to do casevac back to, no CASSIM, no really up to date med input to the serials. All of this could have been provided by another Med unit who may have really wanted the opportunity to get involved in a composite company exercise based on COE work from a FOB.
  4. Do you guys have a G2 presence? If so, how feasible is it for other services to piggy back as observers / participants? This sort of exercise would be perfect for my unit as a 'this is how the Army work, and how you fit in when deployed' weekend, and a great precursor to OPTAG.
  5. <Hackles Raised=On>

    but I know if I tried to organise a composite weekend, it'd be sigs dominated and probably be defence of a comms site.....

    Easy problem to solve..... just need simple objectives, like Mission "To get 102 RLC convoy to their next truck stop in order to deliver XYZ". Obviously they'd get bumped on the way but inf organise protection, sigs the comms plan, etc, etc but it'd be easier if this sort of idea was instigated 1 up - which should hopefully lessen of units pulling out
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    R Sigs are essential to many things, but have little immediate and direct input to the Coy group battle in Afghanistan, which was the scenario. You may have an RLD attached to the Coy HQ, but that would be about it. As we didn't have a "higher" to work to, what would you suggest they could have done?

    It is not easy to solve, or rather it is if you are not worried about the training value for every contributing unit. As an example, the RE (EOD) would potentially have got great value in EOD serial after EOD serial. Unfortunately, the Inf task for that is mainly on the cordon, which is vital but of limited training value. You therefore have an element of horsetrading - enough of the EOD task to provide value for them, but not so much that the Inf do nothing but cordon.

    This needs the relevant OCs/PSIs to sit around a table and discuss what they each need to achieve and how best to go about it.

    Some of the TOs can be "soft" ones, for want of a better expression. On the exercise, one of the Pl Comds had to do a fighting withdrawl/casevac from the village after an SIED strike and follow up by insurgents. In the heat of the moment, he accounted for all of his own blokes, but neglected to account for the Atts, as he was not used to working with them. Lesson learnt, hopefully never to be repeated.

    A centralised Bde planned one would be great, but always be conscious of the fact that the higher level the planning, the slower the exercise. Sometimes these things work best at the lowest level.
  7. Soz mini sandbag time...

    The main memory from the old bde exercises, was finding it all worked and I gained a huge amount of confidence in the system because of it. Even at a simple level, loggies supplied fuel.
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Our memories differ - I remember long periods of not a lot happening (which of course I now understand to be planning time, prelim ops etc, etc, etc) followed by a quick Sunday first light attack to send the boys home with the satisfaction of making things go bang and weapons to clean.

    If we are concentrating at sub unit level (at the very most unit level) ops, where you get most realism and valuable training in the 36 hours available for a TA weekend, why go to Bde level to plan it?