DIE training and mobilisation


I have just started a 4para January cadre as a soldier and am wondering (provided i pass ta p coy cic) how long the DIE training will last before i am eligible for mobilization.

I understand the DIE weekends are run by 4para but i am slightly confused about how long further training will take before i can volunteer for operations.

Ideally i was hoping to volunteer straight away but i just wanted to clarify how long the DIE training will last, I do not mind doing the extra training but i do want to see if i can make it on operations before the end of next year.

Also, this is a bit of a side point but are 4para allowed to mobilize with 1para or is that not allowed?




4 Para are no longer mobilising for routine deployments on operations. Op Herrick is soooo last year's colour.

Once you have passed CIC and P Coy, your first point of call is your Pl Comd, OC, SPSI or PSI - they will be the ones best placed to advise you.

The future is very bright for 4 Para, but it doesn't feature Op Herrick.

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