Die SAS men HA HA

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by armourer, Feb 17, 2005.

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  1. A little insight to those on urban75.net

    This is a product of the the left wing...and Blair.....is ...left wing
  2. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me...........you know the rest.

    These fcukers are stoned up leftie commie tw*ts. The fact is they cannot do anything about anything, all they do is talk, sorry, rant on. They are no threat to civilised society. They do not contribute to society but feel that society should embrace them as free spirits and pay their way. They have very immature thoughts, although they may have a good education, not all I add, they lack common understanding and sense.

    What we read on their site is mostly crap, but I am sure they have some decent posts (yet to find).

    There is only 16000 of them, that rounded up gives each arrse member 2 of the fcukwits to batter. I'm sure all their negitive posts like the one Armourer has listed are done by a hard core few, the rest of the tw*ts are just easily led. :x
  3. It's times like this i wish we did live in a police state, then you could hunt them down and batter them, all with the backing of the government!
  4. I think we'd get the "armies (sic) surgical arm" to do that don't you? After all, that is what they're for isn't it?
  5. 16000??? Take note that a heap of us have signed up just to see the arrse they are posting. I can't wait to meet some of their number at G8!!! Batton rounds anyone?
  6. oh yeah i forgot, the 'surgical arm' tool of the facist state blah blah ....
  7. Quick - need the link.....

  8. Bravo_Bravo any/all of those links OK ?
  9. Had a peek - need to register ( bummer ) but I did recognise ONE name as a recent poster.... one of us, no mention in case they find this place....
  10. The more and more I read here of the topics on this site, the more and more I feel angry enough to start trying to find a way of wiping this site out. Or I could just start posting stuff that will get a real bite that drops the sh1ts right in it.

    Tosses coin, heads I Join. Heads it is OK of to create nasty little posts. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  11. I think they have already done that.
  12. Registered, ha waitinbg for the confermation email ho hum