Die Hard 2 postponed

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by rebel_with_a_cause, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. Noticed tonight Die Hard 2 not on tonight replaced by Cliffhanger, presumably because of Airport attack on Saturday. Now given that no casualties except the scumbag bomber, who is the program change being made for? Surely not to spare the feelings of the bomber and his family?
  2. Did wonder about that, talk about an over reaction!
  3. Well we wouldn't want to impinge his "rights" now would we?
  4. Don't remember anyone catching fire in Die Hard 2!!!

    No Muslims either!
  5. LMF, whoever made this decision. :twisted:
  6. so the fact that the terrorist is in critical condition didn't register - Cliffhanger! Maybe a stroke of genius from the tv programmers?
  7. I missed out on some royalties there!
  8. Where the fcuk were you on Saturday when we really needed you?! :D
  9. Washing his vest......I bet he uses DAZ!
  10. bollocks i was looking foward to DH2.
  11. If its good enough for "Right said Fred"