Die größten Hämorrhoiden der Welt

Haven't seen many references to this common soldier condition recently, so here you go, fill yer boots;

Toroidal erosion

If yours looks similar or you might be content to just describe it, so post it here.

I've heard Vicks is good for it, by the way.


I understood the title, yet I still clicked.


War Hero
toroidal erosion :omfg: ...probably caused by his boyfriend :lol:

it looks like this :donut: FFS

I've had a couple burst and bleed when my doctor stuck her finger up my arrse to check how bad they were :x feck me never again


You sick, sick f*cks - I feal ill!

I knew what was coming, yet I kept looking, maybe I am after some hot-pile action......

Got rid of mine in Port San Carlos, fire trench, bottle of Brut, then 15 mins sat in San Carlos water, cauterized those fukcers good, never been bothered since, mind you, never felt pain like that since either!


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Oooooh god help me!


War Hero
Strange way to warm up your hamburger; I thought the arm pit would be more effective.
Strange how curiosity gets the better of allegedly sane people...

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