die for your country

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vidal, May 6, 2007.

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  1. just lately i have wonderd why people would join the forces go to war die leave family kids friends everything behind i mean its not like you get masses of money or your wifeand family get compensation if your k.i.a
    your just a number, the the m.o.d dont no who you are they dont go to the front line risk ther life if they did have to would they send troops to war torn trouble spots put there lifes on the line
    it saddens me to think 18 year olds going to war and dying what a waste of a life the parents who have to pick up the pieces or the young ones who may never know the mums or dads because there dead
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  3. not too boring to reply though
  4. paid attention in english lessons at school then.
  5. obviously you dont know what i mean now fck of you boring civvy tw@t
  6. Simple we do it because we joined for the challenge - and now we are being used in theatres of Combat and for most finally in role. Pier presure has a lot to do with it no way I would let my guys go without me and they have not. Inside us all is the wonder - if we could do it for real. Then once you have you become a tour junkie needing your next fix - of bordem tainted with sheer adreniline rush now and then.

    We get to choose our tours unlike the regulars and get decent breaks inbetween - I would say we have the best of both worlds. And a shite load of experience our fore fathers never got.

    Oh and they give you a medal to wear on Remembrance parade - how cool is that? :)

    Just an insight


    P.S And of course I we did not step up to the plate and do it - some one would have too or they would bring back consciption like the good old days - the occasional thankyou would not go a miss :)
    P.P.S Because we are selfish and enjoy it of course! Dying is just an occupational hazard - bit like living life really!
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  8. an arab on ta forum or some one who doesnt realise they are a civvy also,
    im guessing infantry by the language or a young up start .
    and i did get it you fck face wnk stain little cnt
  9. I'm just in for the cheap Iranian suit.

    A bit like Everest, because it's there and because they can.

    If you need it explained, you wouldn't understand. That is not a problem for you, as you are free to decide and think for yourself - because - wait for it - did you get it? - Yup, people in the forces are out there protecting that right.

    As for the number thing, I'm at uni - I have a roll number.
    I'm a resistered nurse - I have a PIN number and registration number, when I was doing my training I had a ID number.
    I have a national insurance number and passport number, as well as bank accounts with numbers as well. You see, sometimes people have the same names.
  10. Spelling's too good.
  11. Arab yes i was and i was Infantry and now a stab how very holmes of you now going by your numerous posts and especially this one i can deduce that you a wanabe soldier 34-35 who has wasted most of his life away and now wants to show his wife how macho he is but is scared shitless of going away to a nasty place

    Now go take your face for a shite you boring CIVVY tw@t
  12. OK you f*ck wit I joined because I was bored but was also employed in civvy street. It was the ying for my boring yang in the office. Then one day I was called to fill my boots for real - strangely the vast majority when called - went and did what they trained for - dying like I said was an occupational hazard - strangely enough through the sight of an AK47 we all look the same! Reg or TA there is no difference from that view trust me! (yes I was shot at several times and guys in my unit have been shot).

    Having been many when circumstances allow will go or have gone again - why because we enjoy the challenge, the adreniline rush and like I said because we are selfish and want to go again (we all have families and yes still we go)

    But truly if you want to know the depth of feeling and why - join up and find out like the rest of us and may be do your bit rather than stand on teh side lines asking bone questions of the rest of us!

  13. Ooops sorry though that was me you were talking to - obviously not - still answer still stands and you are obviously trying to upset or start a fight so crack on! Dextrose may I hold your coat for the duel sir :)

  14. a mighty wahhhhhhh!
  15. Soldiers die on active duty - they die during training - they die of natural causes. What makes them stand out is the manner in how they died.

    On ops one of our lads died. Sad, but it happens.

    Now I am in the building game and guess what - we had a death on site. And that's not the best bit - I am now in an industry that has more deaths than any occupation in the UK - armed forces included. Its a fact that you are safer in Basra in the army than Basildon on a building site!