Die Another Day - Worst Bond film ever?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by crabby, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. Yes - A disgrace to civilisation

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  2. No - What are you talking about you!!!!

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  1. Have been watching Die Another Day and it struck me as being the worst ever made, even worse than when I saw it in the cinema
    shoddy special effects that are meant to look good (at least the ones with roger moore were funny)
    a shocking plot
    the fit one gets killed (rosamund pike) and what's with the villan having a car equal to bond's???
    add in the blatant product placement and it all adds up to a poor film
  2. On the plus side, sales of Aston Martin's V12 Vanquish car went up by 3% in the UK...

    ... Some fan of the James Bond series stumped up the cash to buy one.
  3. Die another day is stale **** of the lowest order sir!

    Goldeneye is watchable, Tomorrow Never Dies too for Tomahawk launching, ship sinking, parachuting into Vietnam ocean action!

    Any int on the next offering?
  4. Only 3%? Thought it would have helped more than that, especially if the production model comes with that gucci disappearing stuff!
    Any idea on the jag?
    grrrrr, it's such a stupid film
  5. Yeah its a big bag of **** but typically bond. The next ones is a scouser.

    The names bond lar. Fcukn Jimmy bond!
  6. Bloke walks upto a blonde in a night club, "my names bond", blonde replies, "james I supose".

    Bloke replies, "no, unibond, i've come to fill your crack"
  7. next one's a scouser???? Q will find half his stuff nicked and his next car painted red and white!!

    if he's got a proper scouse accent I'll be avoiding that one like the plague
  8. Just watched it and I want the time back .. :twisted: Found myself a) rooting for the bad guys and b) shouting "Never Mind the Telling Him the Plan .. JUST SHOOT HIM .. SHOOT HIM .. SHOOT HIM !!

    Load of pish.
  9. Fcuk You too!!!

  10. woops, ruffled some feathers there!!! As long as the scouse doesn't have the tits or beer belly (covered in fur) that pierce was displaying in that film then he can't be all bad...
  11. Haha Fair one. I dont mind really. Im from liverpool so i am supposed to hate everyone else anyway. So crack on
  12. Might be Amusing to see Bond telling the Baddies to Calm Down in a Harry Enfield style .. :lol: