Dido and the Republican lyrics

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Wija, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. Seems the wailing songstress has a soft spot for the Republicans. Is it becoming ever increasingly fashionable to show support for these murdering scum.

    Dido Republican scum.
  2. Song lyrics have traditionally been full of shyte.

    It's not worth going all the way to Outrageville for!
  3. Dido (real name Florian Cloud De Bounevialle O’Malley Armstrong).

    Last time I saw a name that long, its bearer won the Grand National.

    Re Outrage, it IS perfectly acceptable to have a be it of riot over this. We need to nip this in the bud, otherwise in 30 years we´llhave kiddies being taught the history of the troubles (if we still bother with a formal education in history and not some dumbed down PC carp) with the "brave and noble" IRA scum.

    The terrorists were cowardly scum, who murdered innocent people and destroyed innocent lives. That fact should never be forgotton nore the efforts of such cnuts romanticised.

    9mm in the base of the skull on live TV for all none terrorists (there are NO ex-terrs) would be a good start mind.
  4. I notice you don't include the Loyalist terrorists, but only mention the IRA, Choccie_frog. Was that an oversight?

  5. Another typical Plastic Paddy....
  6. Let's pretend that we'll be here tomorrow
    And I'll try for you to be a little more on time
    I know you need to say you know you've let me down
    But you haven't and it's hard to talk with people all around

    Please don't say how proud you are
    Lets do the things we normally do
    I'll say see you later
    You'll sing a line or two
    From your rebel songs sung out of tune

    Don't hold my hand for longer than you need to

    Lets forget that we're here and make some plans
    We'll go for walks
    Sit on the bench we always sat
    I'll tell you every little detail of my day and so will you
    Don't try to stay awake
    I'm feeling tired too

    This is just another day
    Let’s do the things we normally do

    I'll say see you later you'll sing a line or two
    From your rebel songs sung out of tune

    Don't hold my hand for longer than you need to

    Armored cars and tanks and guns came to take away our sons
    And everybody’s stood behind
    The man behind the wire
    There’s a fight to love
    A fight to have
    Your bed’s a battlefield and back
    And all of this will just be stripped away

    Let’s do the things we normally do
    I'll say see you later you'll sing a line or two
    From your rebel songs sung out of tune
    Don’t hold my hand for longer than you need to

    Don’t look me in the eye more than you need to

    Don’t try to say goodbye if I don’t want to
    Don't say how proud you are
    And say I’m far away
    and take along your
    and say a word
    and I can say fade away

    SK :evil:
  7. Pretty sure the position is plain a terrorst is a terrorist is a terrorist. My reference to the IRA scum was based around the songs lyrics, had they been about any other group I would have mentioned them also.
  8. Dido is shite anyway, I'd rather listen to Jean Claude Van Damme singing "Rocking around the Christmas Tree".
  9. When's it released?
  10. Dido's relatives come from Limerick and

    are very strong in politics.

    The Patriach of the family was Dessie O Malley ( her uncle) who was very very anti ira,

    here is what the ira leaning American newspaper (sic) thought of him


    Dessie tried to introduce internment down here after you lads did the same up there, and for that he received a death threat


    Dido who holidayed with the O Malley's would have been aware of this-

    As memories of the criminality carried out by the terrorists on both sides fades- people are begining to view them in a softer light and hence we have this shite

    her lyrics are shite- and its like she lumped 2 shite songs together

    saying that

    as a Paddy I claim the honour of giving her one in the spirit of reconciliation.
  11. The rewriting of history has already started, look at the propaganda piece "Hunger" Lauded by the chattering classes but glorifying terrorist criminals
  12. Personally I think 'Dildo - Arrse For Rent' was a great song!
  13. See you and raise: Chuck Norris singing "Would Ye Like to Try a Cheese-Burger Bobby Sands?" :twisted:

    Xmas Number 1! 8)
  14. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Since when did the British Army use armored cars? Have the Septics sent a peace-keeping force into NI like they did Grenada? We need to know.

    Either that or the lyrics quoted were penned by an IRA-sympathising sorry sympathizing Septic.

    Join the campaign to stamp out the insidious infiltration of English by American. Our language is English, not British English and there is most definitely a fundamental dichotomy in the use of the term "US English". Join me now by installing English on your computer and removing "US English".

  15. one word = FANNY