Didnt you just hate pay parade?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. I know it doesn't exist today but didn't you just hate pay parade? Whilst all the Winters', Youngs' etc. stood for ages, the Ackerman's and the Baxter's were in the Naafi quaffing Watney's Red Barrel - God! What awful beer!

    Incidentally do today's heros still suffer: 'barrack damages', 'haircuts',
    'sports stoppages' , etc?

    What am I doing here? Please help!
  2. I only 'suffered' for a few months - went all banking but... it was humiliating and a system I am glad has gone!
  3. Pay and Paybook correct Sir.

    To be honest I never knew if it was correct but I never heard anyone say incorrect :D
  4. "Pay Correct Sir" then one of the Sgt's or Cpl's would say "keep it under your hat"
  5. Yeh, like you had the time to stand there and check the details. I too had only a couple of months of this before going onto the bank. That had its own problems before the days of plastic. There wasn't a business within a 15 mile radius of camp daft enough to cash a cheque.
  6. My daily pay when I joined was £3.27 (£22.89 a week) of which I would pick up approx £10 per week in my hand at pay parade.
  7. I hated them. Never having the chance to actually check the money, before having to declare "Pay correct Sir!", swipe it into your beret, about turn and march out.

    Have to admit though, I never had a discrepency, once I was away and actually had time to count it. Officers could count in them days and Pay Masters were really educated.
  8. ...you could buy lots and lots of smarties with that!

    Was that from somebody taking the a piss out of a recruiting advert or am I imagining things?
  9. I hated having to count all the money in the Pay Office and sign for it before taking it to the Company Office for the parade. I never had a problem but it was a real 'nut roll' with a big Company at Depot.
  10. Loved em! Only snag was they didn't happen often enough!
  11. Queuing up to get your money (£4 10 shillings at the start, then £6 13 shillings when I got to 18, then £9 17s 9d when I signed on for 9 years). Every week some prat got the "bright" idea of doing it in reverse alphabetical order so the W to Z wouldn't have to wait so long. As a D, I usually ended up one of the last again.
    Pay on a Tuesday, stoney broke by the weekend even though a quid bought 15 pints in the NAAFI and I used to get pi55ed on 3 pints in them days. Ahh! Wish I still could, it'd save me a fortune.
    Only bonus was hitchhiking in uniform was allowed and I used to get home quicker than by taking a train.
    Nurse !!! Another bottle please, this one's empty!!!
  12. Now this is what I call a post!

    I hated it because it was invariably wrong at the balance, and now guess who had to pay up.
  13. I believe it was "You can buy loads and loads of Smarties for £40 a week!"

    It was Billy Connelly taking the p1ss out of the latest Army recruitment advert.
  14. £3.3.0 a week (9 shillings a day) if youn couldnt count that as it was being paid out there was definitely something wrong with you. I never found it a problem because "it was what you did". At least what you got was yours , no paying for accomodation and meals. NO trouble getting to the bank. We even got paid out in a pub once when we were on exercise on the Staffordshire moorlands.
  15. I loved them, phase 2 at Bordon in 1988 marching into the office as slow as possible with eyes looking below the table. The reason was 2 Lt C............ who was there to greet you with your pay. Without fail she would give you the glimpse of her tights and Army skirt and what a babe she was (approx 23). Im sure she used to sit like she did on purpose and what a great view it was, I dont know if the smiles of the lads when leaving the office were because of the money or the view. :D