Didn't take long did it?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chodmeister, Aug 3, 2013.

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  1. CMD rushes through the bill on gay marriage but insists that no religious organisation would be forced to carry them out.

    Gay couple to sue the Church of England...

    Gay dads sue Church of England
  2. Like, no one could see that coming a mile off!
  3. With some luck they will be forced to pay huge costs. I'm not anti gays - but I wouldn't expect to be able to sit in a mosque drinking a beer, eating a bacon sandwich whilst having a cig. It's not about equal rights, gay people are doing this to cause trouble because thy can, not because they need to.
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  4. It's not 'gay people'. It's 'gay activists'. There is a difference.
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  5. Too right, they only want the same as everyone else, nothing more. People seem to forget that.
  6. Did the "Bullington ****wit" recently say he would export gay marriage around the World!!
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  7. According to the article, they've got five kids.

    If that was me, I'd have better things to do with my time than trying to sue an institution in order to take part in a largely irrelevant ceremony presided over by ministers who believe my lifestyle to be sinful !!
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  8. On my wife's side, we have a much loved and respected gay man, and when a 4 year "relationship" with someone who, frankly, brought nothing, financially to the partnership, ended up with a £40, OOO payoff, I think gay "marriages" will be a disaster......
  9. Does God get a special dispensation from the gay or something? Gay marriage is less offensive than religion getting yet another get-out clause from laws everyone else has to obey. I hope they get squillions.
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  10. Queer world we live in!
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  11. I find it useful when starting a thread to include what it's about.

  12. They are rich and arrogant, as such they don't like being told no, when they lose in court there will be a right hissy-fit.
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  13. Frankly anyone who believes a word that CMD says, along with anyone who believes that vile creature Maria Miller's assurances will be proven to be totally gullible within hours. This was surely going to happen as soon as this particular legislation became statute.
  14. Las a homosexual what is your view on this? That's not a spy dog but I would like to know what the other side think.
  15. There was a large thread on this but it was one of mine that got accidentally deleted.
    I don't think for me it's a gay issue, for me it's a religious belief issue. If I were ever to marry it would be as a person with religious beliefs.
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