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Didnt say anything at the time though did he!

Will you buy a copy of the book?

  • I am queuing as if it was another 'Harry Potter'!

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  • I would rather stick pins in my eyes!

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hellfyyr said:
The 'Soldiers' soldier speaks out...

As well timed as his 'service accommodation is not good enough' speech.

He's trying to sell a book for god's sake. What do you expect "I was a w*nk*r - read all about it" or "It was all their fault".

I think he's gone for the latter with the "To scared to say anything at the time" quote.


Sorry, no moral courage. Should have looked over his shoulder and taken his example from current CGS - an actual soldiers soldier, not a whisky soaked intellectual snob
I could try to add an intellectual statement on Jackson's ability to state the bloody obvious after the event and after his paychecks have stopped. I will refrain and just say I will not be reading this Knob-jockeys book!


War Hero
This is to sell a book, nothing more, nothing less.................... If it was more and the man truely was a 'soldiers soldier', I am sure some of the cash received from the sale of the book would go to those injured soldiers who need it 'just to live' and the families of those who have lost loved ones who have lost everything.

It strikes me a odd, that many of the senior officers who leave, do write about the hardships of soldiers and their families, but then do nothing to sort the problem out.................. whilst in or when retired.

Calling the Americans 'intellectually bankprupt' is a bit rich when he was supposed to have a say in how things were done. A phrase involving the words pot, kettle and black springs to mind.
I take no pleasure in saying: 'Too little, too late'.

How this man got to the top of the Army astounds me.

As for his being a '.......soldiers' soldier......' - words fail me!


lsquared said:
I take no pleasure in saying: 'Too little, too late'.

How this man got to the top of the Army astounds me.

As for his being a '.......soldiers' soldier......' - words fail me!
It's all about jobs for the boys. That’s why there is no corresponding cut of senior staff with cuts to feet on the ground.
lsquared said:
I take no pleasure in saying: 'Too little, too late'.

How this man got to the top of the Army astounds me.

As for his being a '.......soldiers' soldier......' - words fail me!
I was taking the piss but if you recall there was a point where he seemed a decent/popular guy in contrast to his peers.

During the period where the government discovered forces misuse he seemed as if he might stand up for our interests; in hindsight it appears they had control of him all along.
8) He as said the truth that many in the Armed Forces know. Has big pension to collect soon :?: A book coming :? God timing he cannot loose. A bit late he is top dog, makes you think whats the present motive :?:
The mans a f ucking tosser, he should have had the balls to speak his mind when serving and able to make a difference.

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Yep! When our soldiers are emotionally bankrupt due to his rather quiet voice on Iraq, quite inept Mike!

The next time this guy goes in for any more cosmetic surgery (look around the eyes!), may l suggest he looks at the list for
BACKBONE - SPINE, perhaps. Always thought, the guy had a funny walk, now l know; he's absolutely spineless.

Remember, though, this is the guy that fronts a security firm out in Iraq. Are the Americans steppin' on his 'ittle 'ole toes; shame.

Perhaps, he should have consider the long term picture, instead of listening to the NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME Brigade; sometimes the pay-off isn't always that fantastic when you consider any credibility/reputation that you once had, is ALL but GONE!

SHAME on HIM, and you know the rest, but, hey HO! NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME wouldn't expect anything different from such a bunch of drug-assisted-it's-OK-for-me-but-not-you GOVERNMENT........
The man made me feel physically sick with anger when I saw him on the tv today. He is worse than a Soho rent boy flogging his arrse, at least they are honest as to their intentions. I will buy his book - I will however rip the photographs out as they are shiny, whereas the the pages with script are fully absorbent, and more, well, comfortable.......he is a vile, self absorbed to$$er who is a disgrace to himself and an embarrassment to every soldier who ever served. Do yourself and us all a favour - go dangle yourself off a tree you vile excuse for a human being.
He'll be there, at home, with his millions, big fat cigar, expensive wine cellar, reminiscing about how tough it all was. Meanwhile lads are in Selly Oak, broken and about to become poor, injured, ex-soldiers, struggling to survive. God bless the rich...hoorah!

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