Didn't register for ELC ..............

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by Steve169, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking at getting out next year (my twelve year point) and have been reading up on resettlement etc.....my most glaring error is that I failed to register for my ELC during my 8 - 8.5 year window ? It just wasnt mentioned by the unit I was serving with as the time.

    Anyone know if its possible to claim them still ?


  2. Speak with your local AEC they have a form you can fill out and advise you on, but its very unlikely you will get it as need proof that things were messed up and I was told signed by Captn or above who will admit there was a c*ck up. Unfortunately for me even though mine went in at my 15 year point i didnt find out till my 21 year point it hant gone through
  3. Thats more than a little bit harsh !
  4. Maybe some of the Admin GURUs can help, wheres Sluggy when you need her?? is it closing time yet???
  5. I was over in NI at the time and there was no mention of it till i got to my next unit and was told it was too later to register......
  6. So you are supposed to sign up in the first year of your service ( during which you complete basic and trade training and frankly have enough to worry about) or between your 8 and 8.5 year point (better pray you're not on tour or in the arse end of nowhere)

  7. There is a way to get your registration back dated, speak to your IERO and explain that you were deployed to NI during the registration period. But you could say something long the lines of your admin support not forwarding the applications on or not having the capability to process applications etc... Youll need an officer who was there with you to back up any claims you make but if the IERO thinks you have a good case then he/she will write a supporting letter and in every case I have been involved in that the IERO supports the application has been accepted.

    The post about having being too busy during your first year doesnt hold much water, when you first join you are in admin city, its one form and takes about 1 minute to complete. There is so much paperwork to fill in during that time most people dont even realise that they are filling in their ELCAS forms.

    As for the 8 - 8.5 year point, if youve deployed and have access to the internet then its not a problem, no internet? fill out the forms before you go and give them to your admin to send off.

    Most of the time those at the 8 - 8.5 year point dont do it because they cant be arrsed and then need to try to put in a retrospective application when they realise they need the cash for a resettlement course some years later.

    When the ELCs first came in around 2004 everyone had the opportunity to apply regardless of time served at that point, the application date was then backdated to 2000 (unless youd joined in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 then it was backdated to your enlistment date), you cant really say you knew nothing about it as it was constantly advertised on all pay statements at that time, unless of course your paystatements didnt reach you in the province for one reason or another.

    Speak to your IERO, if he/she thinks you have a case then they will advise you on your next course of action, they are the only ones who can actually help.
  8. I was at Deepcut so I was too busy standing on parade doing nothing, but I shall remember in 3.5 years when I reach the 8 year point
  9. So no one from your entire intake was registered for ELC? If thats the case then there should be a high level enquirey into that, PM me your intake number and date you started at Deepcut and Ill pass it up.
  10. I registered for mine in NI in 2004, our clerks were on the ball and filled out all the forms for everyone and then put it in front of you so you just had to sign it. Question is, where is the certification/proof that I registered held? I just know that you're going to tell me that we would have been sent a letter/certificate that we were meant to keep.
  11. you can ring ELCAS: 0044 1684 86 4157 give them your service number and ask for a copy of your certificate, they will confirm you are registered and either send you a copy by fax, email or snail mail.

    When I worked in resettlement I would contact ELCAS before each RAB and ask for copies of all those attending the RABs certificates to be emailed to me. So when ELC was bought up, I would get an ocean of blank faces folllowed by me handing out the certs to those who were registered. Most people who register lose their certificates or bin them as 'crap they wont use' not long after they receive them or by the time the certificates arrive at the unit they have been posted and the certs somehow find themselves being processed into hamster bedding by someone who cant be arrsed to forward it on.

    Fox, I sorted Big Nose's ELC cert for him a while ago and had his details (new regt number, address etc) changed for him

    (let me know if you want me to contact them for you and have it emailed to you, itll be an expensive call from upside down land just for a sheet of A4 paper)
  12. Hmm.... I'm not overly hopeful =(
  13. Go and see your IERO. He has access to the database and will print off a certificate for you
  14. Codger is that new? As of Sept last year the only ones who had the data base or access to it was ELCAS and we had to ring them to see if people were registered and get them to send us the certs.