Didn't Know I'd Have To Kill: Only In It For The Money

Well.. the first of the Gang of Four has had his opening day in ' court '..American Army deserter, Jeremy Hinzman, late of the 82nd Airborne faced his first day at an Refugee Appeal Board in Canada..

Jeremy is one of 4 US military deserters who fled to Canada when called to Iraq for duty..According to the lad.. no amount of training could convince him that killing the enemy was a noble pursuit..

He is seeking asylum in Canada along with his wife Nga Nguyen and their son Liam. It was the birth of his son that ' triggered' his uncertainty..."I didn't want to have to kill babies "..[ right..that was in the enlistment fine print ]

Jeffry House, his lawyer, conceded that it will be difficult to establish that his client will be persecuted if returned to the US to face AWOL charges [ maximum sentence 5 years in mil lockup ] though he will, obviously, be prosecuted...

The Refugee Tribunal ruled that it will not hear evidence that US military action in Iraq is illegal and condemned by the ' international ' community.[ whew.. close one ]

When asked why he didn't request a discharge instead of conscientious objector status, once he decided he had a moral stance against killing, Jeremy replied that, although he didn't feel he could kill he would have been fine supporting others to kill by being a medic, truck driver, cook or something..[ oookay .. ]

His c.o. status was rejected by the US military when he admitted that he could pull the trigger and kill, if he had to to defend himself but wouldn't in an ' offensvie ' operation..[ huh? ]

His mouthpiece says " we say, where the basis for prosecution is wrong, in its essence it becomes persecution "[ ooh, good lawspeak..]

The lawyer wants to argue that American soldiers are guilty of war crimes and to have Jeremy fight in Iraq would have made him a criminal as well, even if just by association ... As a " star " witness they are calling USMC Staff Sgt. Jimmy Massey who will claim he and other soldiers shot and killed 30 unarmed Iraqis, including women and kids at a military checkpoint..

If Rejected , Hinzman will appeal to the Federal Court in Canada and file a humanitarian and compassionate application to stay..Hinzman primarily joined up to [ volunteered ] because he wanted the military to fund his university and he enlisted in the 82nd because he liked ' falling out of planes '..Inwardly, though, he was tormented with the thought of killing people and his pacificism, Buddhism and vegetarianism rose to the fore and he couldn't face Iraq and the possibility of taking lives...[ Got to make you wonder what job skills he figured he'd acquire in the 82nd ]

Don't hold your breath that Canada will tell him to stuff it and go back and take it like a man in America..Canada has a rep for being goody wishy washy two shoes.. Hell we let anyone file a claim.. Even had a Venezualan woman claim that she was facing persecution because she was too fat...

Oh, sure. most claims get turfed but it costs us in time, money and other crap to have to go through all this, just to be seen as ' free and demcoratic ' and open to all ..compassionate folks are we..

I dunno, I just think that maybe divorced women from Arab states deserve to be heard over this guy, after all they face real gender-induced abuse and persecution..how about unwed girls from wartorn Africa?.. or gay Jamaican men who get routinely whacked by the macho male culture there?..

then , again.. if we can grant status to an avowed Islamic terrorist family who publicly announce that they support Osama and that ' mom' is proud her sons served in the camps and that Dad and one boy got ' martyrd ' by the Americans in Afghanistan then, I guess, we can make room for a quartet of panty-waist boys too scared to fight and who should never have joined up in the first place and are now trying to weasel out of their obligations because things got hot and they had to put their money where there mouth is..

Welcome to my piece of the world..[ damn...]
I have said before on other boards that so many US citizens join for the Vets benifits that follow service to the cuntry.
This guy got it wrong. Join the Paras to be a Buddist

If I pay for the replacement of one of your rockets, would you do me a favor and shoot this rat bastage right in the face with one? But it must be a direct hit rightin the nose where it hurts like hell!

Execute the cowardly cnuts :twisted:
Now I am not saying i totaly agree with the reasons for going to war, but i joined the Army to do a job and if i get told i must go to some god forsaken rat hole and fight, then well i am gunna go and fight and maybe, just maybe i am going to kill someone, isn't that what we do? :roll:
Anyone who deserts his/her post in a time of war for what ever reason leaving his/her comrades overstretched and undermanned thus putting them in more danger, should be taken out side and shot in the street like the cowardly dogs they are!
And while they are at it they can shoot that nonce Hoon!

Gripe over.
jonwilly said:
.This guy got it wrong. Join the Paras to be a Buddist
I doubt the RSM would approve of the saffron beret, John. :wink:
claymore said:
jonwilly said:
.This guy got it wrong. Join the Paras to be a Buddist
I doubt the RSM would approve of the saffron beret, John. :wink:
Both Buddhism and soldiering have mind altering mantras in common "GUNG HO! GUNG HO! PRAY FOR WAR!!" or the newest mindless spam mating call"HHHOOOO-AAH" or "OOORAAH".Not so very different from "OM MANE PADME HUM"

The RSM should get in touch wiyh his DHARMA :lol:
Except, Galgers, that Gung-Ho's easier to remember. And I'd leave the RSM's dharma out of this or you could be in a world of excrement. The RSM thinks it's a mild curry.:wink:
More bafflegab and ' perspective ' has come out of the board hearings..

so-called " star " witness, former USMC Staff Sgt, Jim Massey, tesitfied that eh and othersfired on unarmed civilians, including women and children, when they failed to stop at checkpoints and roadblocks..He blames the authorities for not making clear the channels of communication so that civilians fully understood the signage and hand signals whioch could have prevented them from running the checkpoints resulting in their deaths, etc..

This shows the ' improper' governance by the US and Iraqi authorities and points up the ' illegal' nature of the conflict...

Meanwhile, Hinzman testified that he requested conscientious objector status rather than a discharge because he wanted to keep his committment to serve, and exercise the option to be a non-combattant...He nmow understands that he could have appealed his request up to the Supreme Court in the US.. he didn't know it at the time and thus his alternative was to flee...

the Canadian Government lawyer, argues that there is no cause for him to believe he will be ' persecuted ' if returned to the US since statistics show that between 1990 and 2000, 8 army deserters were treated leniently receiving on average 1 year jail sentences and a discharge.. In May 2004, Staff Sgt. Camilo Castillo of the Florida National Guard was sentenced to 1 year...

Hinzman claims it would be unjust to serve even one day for ' refusing to participate in an illegal war '..He admits that, while he doesn't condone violence, he didn't object to the US invading Afghanistan in retaliation for 9/11
To quote Alice: Curiouser and curiouser...
Is Tariq Aziz back in Canada then?

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