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Didnt finish training! How long am I...

Hi - I enlisted in a local independent unit, was attested, got army number and completed A, B and C weekends but not the final fortnight camp due to job constraints. Then had to leave TA.
Basically - what is my level of liability for call-out? My wife wants to know...
Am I in the same boat as a normal civvy or am I considered a Reservist 'cos I can do section battle drill and know how to wear matching luggage?
If you can help I'd appreciate it.
To be honest until you have a trade, or completed what ever it is the infantry do, and done your trade/infantry thingy qualifications, you have as much hope of getting called up as i have of plating fog using a frypan and a collander, As i am afraid to say until you done all the recruit weekends, and done your 2 week basic you are not really classed as a soldier in the eyes of the MOD and unless they start conscription i feel safe to say you have no hope of getting called up.
You have to at least completed tafs1, tafs2, and tafs3..
so you basically have may be called up for the space shuttle with nasa before you get called up by the mod.

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