Didn't feel a thing!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tommy, Dec 15, 2004.

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    SEOUL, Korea -- The X-ray picture shows a 5-centimeter nail stuck in an unidentified South Korean patient's skull Thursday, Dec. 2, 2004. According to a Seoul hospital, doctors found the nail after the man came to the hospital, complaining about a severe headache. They speculate that the nail stuck in the man's head four years ago in an accident but the man didn't know about it. The nail was removed in a surgery last Saturday. (12/07/04 AP photo)
  2. Proves what I always used to say about S. Koreans. Nice to be really old - all of one's old thoughts and forecasts turn out to be correct.
  3. My g/f attended a seminar a couple of months ago where one of the lectures included a similar x-ray, except this nugget had 6-8 nails in his head! He had put them in himself, with a nail gun, sometime during the previous 6 months. There were marks on his forehead (the healed entry wounds) so they did an x-ray and found the nails.

    Apart from being in perfect physical health, he had gone to the hospital complaining of double vision!! 8O
  4. Thats what happens when 'The Nail hits you on the head'. :D

    Has anyone seen my coat. :(
  5. when slapped he would say "hey you hit the nail on the head!" :lol:

  6. as opposed to him nailing you ???

  7. on a slightly different tack :?

    In a bar on the Strip at senelager (1980's), there was a block of wood which squaddies used to sit and hit 4" nails in with a piddley little hammer.

    ... anyone know why? :?:
  8. They were playing "NAILS".It's a game;you take turns belting the nail with the not quite adequate hammer ,the winner is the one who manages to drive it in completely.Loser gets the beers in :lol:

    Or,alternatively,they were nailing each others wedding tackle to the block.It was very popular among some gentlemen a number of years ago"OPERATION SPANNER as the police called it)
  9. ta! didn't like to ask at the time - or couldn't speak, can't remember which.. :?