Diddy wants to become first black Bond

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Diddy wants to become first black Bond
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However, looks like he could have some competition from 'Our Stan'

'When I retire, I want to begin work in the cinema and the television,' he said. 'I want to be the first black 007.'
Coming soon... Stan with the Golden Gun Link

Never mind the first black bond, he'd be the first yam yam bond.
Taz_786 said:
The first Scouse Bond, God help us...

To Miss Moneypenny:

"alright luv, like me walther ppk ey?"
Thats how he knows his guns being a scouser!, I bet he robbed his PPK was robbed from Curtis Warren :lol:

Its mad to think all the bond actors are from different parts of britain including Australia

Sean Connery-Scotland
George Lazenby-Australia
Roger Moore-England
Timothy Dalton-Wales
Pierce Brosnan-Ireland

Now we need one from Canada or New Zealand to complete the gang!

Suppose it would be cool to have P-Diddy as a bond actor but it would probably mix the bond movies with xXx starring Vin Diesel/Ice Cube, Howabout arnold schwarzenegger being a bond?

Jason Isaacs is another scouse actor and looks the ringer of Timothy Dalton, Can imagine him to be a 007
Did you know George Lazenby was ex-Aussie SF and an unarmed combat instructor as well as being a personal student of Bruce Lee?

BashaBasher said:
Now we need one from Canada or New Zealand to complete the gang!
Russle Crowe as 007???.............. no.


Book Reviewer
When I retire I want to be the first fat, bald, over 45 Northern Monkey bond with a slight limp in the mornings.

That is not likely to happen either.
Yeah get a NZ or canadian actor failing that maybe one as a bond girl, persoanally I would suggest Emily Barclay: Born in the UK, grew up in NZ and now resident in Oz, a true reprisenative of the common wealth :)


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