Did your parents not like you?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Listy, Dec 18, 2005.

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  1. Right, lets hear all those stupid names you've heard during your life. The ones that are real, but you've got to wonder why their owners don't change them.

    My best two:
    At the building where I work there is a "Miss S. Sucking", and the Person who had my phone number before me was a "Mr Jisum", I still keep getting telesales calls for him.
  2. You can't do much about your surname but parents can avoid giving their kid a bone first name which will just attract bullies.

    Little girl in my son's primary class: Annette Curtin
  3. i went to school with a kid named Wayne Kerr
    sad little fella was allways slightly uptight and had a bit of a chip on the shoulder about something.
    just WTF was his parents thinking? or were they so closeted they honestly didnt know?
  4. Similarly, a poor kid in my ACF regt was Wayne King.

    I have a rather unfortunate surname (no, I'm not going to tell you bunch of bastards what it is! :D ) but luckily my parents did their best with us children's Christian names.
  5. I'm just sooooooo not telling you about my name.
  6. Once met a guy called Richard Head.

    Lived up to his name as well :)
  7. It's not that bad Shrew.
  8. um. You don't know what my initials stand for. Trust me - IT IS.
  9. A friend's surname was (still is) Bates. When he was at school, he was called Master Bates. :?
  10. I know Richard Head, in fact an old colleague is now living with his ex. A while back I did a course in the West of England, and the chap in charge of the kit was called Dick Mussel
  11. When i was at secondary school there were sisters with the surname Meadows. Their first names were Poppy, Daisy and Rose.
  12. I once had a colleague called Head. His first name wasn't Richard, but he answered to Dick.
  13. A friend told me of the parents Mr and Mrs Peacock who named their son Drew.... honestly!
  14. One of my first girlfriends was called Fiona Crack and I once worked with a guy called Dick Bellringer and know an Asian couple called Patel who had the stupidity to call their son Hamish.

    Oh aye just remembered my English Teacher was Mrs Behan.............yes you guessed it her husband was called Les.
  15. There is a fellah in Bath answers to this monica!