Did your Boxhead missus fcuck you over?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pull2eject, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. Just wondered if its generally so that german birds are the most selfish cold nasty evil creatures ever spawned by a human.
    I was married to a kraut for 10 years and now out of it i can see just what a nasty selfish cnut she was,got a few mates the same too.
    Mine ripped me off to the tune of nearly 30 grand and still passes my house every day lmfao.
    Jus wondered if I was the only nobber to let this happen or a is there a trend?? :lol: your stories please.... c mon get it off ya chest.
  2. WTF? :omg: yeh some bits... mine was just mean.
  3. Surely nationality doesn't come into it? Snakes with t!ts the lot of them - you might as well buy a house for some woman you hate, end of!
  4. Thats brilliant
  5. I feel a certain ARRSE member with a helmet may be along shortly with his own unique take on German woman hood ( I think he has slept with most of them)

  6. it sounds like you were married to my ex she is just as you describe.as cold hearted bitch as thay come.
  7. he better bloody not do
    he should be writing up the next lezzer post
  8. ...my old trout won crufts 3 years on the trot & she was English!
  9. If all he did was write, then the quality of his experience would slowly be diluted, skills-fade would set in and it would be like listening to Sven...give the man a break!
  10. Did my head in putting the fcucking curtains strait all the b-stard time, and saying blackadder and faulty towers was stupid... WTF???
  11. My lovely German wife was not a problem, I love Germans. :lol:
    Even though she spent the redundancy, ruled the roost, turned from a babe into her dad (aged 70), got varicose veins and developed halitosis.

    Bless her, so typically hard headed she could have nutted a Rhino.
  12. I was injured in 89 so couldn't go over for a tour of the province so ended up doing rear party for a month until fit enough to join the Bn. The Boxhead who worked behind the bar in the Cpl's mess was doing some heavy duty knee knocking with a Rfn who was being SNLR'd. When I went over to the Province I did several border OP's with the unfortunate fecker who had no idea that his lovely, beautiful and caring wife was beasting every man and their dog back in camp. I did get a little revenge for him though, I was camp escort for the Rfn being SNLR'd when we returned to camp and I made sure that his final day in the Army was full of running and isolation in the nick... what a pr*ck he was. I still feel guilty I never told the bloke about his wife, I've since met him on facebook again and surprisingly he's not married to her anymore, he mentioned she wasn't the most faithful of wives.
  13. Of course they are they gassed jews FFS fleecing a squaddie is childs play :)
  14. My ex didn't get the better of me...she wanted a divorce.So i said go on then(unbeknowing to her,whoever files,pays) I new this,she didn't...cost her 2500DM...twwwaaattt.Only trouble was she was entiteled to a part of my jerry pension when i'm 65.But last year i heard she had a heart attack in her sleep and died.So i'm quids in again.