Did you watch it! Channel 4 last night!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Lexx_valentine, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. Not sure if this has been brought up already. Last night channel 4 had a documentary about the smallest people in the world! Primordial dwarfs, smallest of their 'type'.

    Is it just me or did anyone else break a bit of a laugh when that lemming woman with MASSIVE teeth was talking?

    I'm going to burn.
  2. Too fucking right you are.

    I was genuinely intrigued by that program. The wee man who could do the press ups with his feet (level with his shoulders) in the air, now thats impresive.

    You Sir, are a Cunt.
  3. I was banished to the pub about five minutes in. some woman was being interviewed about her decision to keep her primoridal dwarf-ter. TFB said would you give away your child if it was a Prim D? No quoth Cuddles, I would certainly keep her and exploit her in the sex film industry myself...I got my own coat.
  4. at least we now know where Ken Dodd got the idea for the diddymen
  5. You can't beat tickling a birds kidney while fingering her cunt. With these little 'uns you only need to slip in an inch of finger.....

    Which is very handy, because co-incidently.....

    Hey, thats an idea, using midgets in a midget brothel so that men with small cocks feel like they are massive. Its like child abuse but legal!

    Any prospective business partners?
  6. Mrs MG wouldn't let me watch it s we had people round and i'd a few glasses of wine. And she did't want me to come across as a " heartless, sick, fcuker"
  7. Yes, I'm going to burn with you
  8. It was interesting to watch but i just couldn't stop myself laughing at some points.
  9. Do they live in areas with only Helium as a source of sustanance.

    They would have made far better umpa lumpas, far more mobile for digging out the choclate waste pipe eh?

    But what was funny was when the wee man got chased by the bull terrier, squeeky voice shouting "Fcuk...fcuk...fcuk!!!"

    Abs got a good work out.

    For info, we're all going to burn in the fires of eternal hell, it was part of the deal when we joined up, oath of deviance or sumat.
  10. I only saw the trailers for the docmentary. I'm certain that one of those wee guys has beem playing in goal for West Ham this season.
  11. [​IMG]

    Selling chocolate and hanging around with little peopke is just a step on the road to child abuse.....
  12. it was like watching white smurfs... 1 of them looked like this boy from my college... so that made me laugh... did you see the pic of that 17 year old one on his prom night... she is worth one and she was normal height... do you think after she used him as a human dildo? it was good though...

    to the fires of hell with me...
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I watched that, laughed my socks off and then got the Time Bandits video - and laughed even more.

    I'm not favourite with Mrs B, and she has confirmed for the record that we shall not meet in the afterlife due to an infinate distance between our respective spheres of influence.
  14. When I got in from a hard days work yesterday, I switched the tv on to watch Richard and Judy.

    It had two of those small people on as guests. I said ''fu.ck me, Richard and Judy look rough''

    Lead balloon I can tell you.