Did you want Kids or Sex?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hallveg, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. Did you want to shag more

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  2. Did you want to shag more but like me got kids

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  1. I was explaining to a friend (Doris) of mine that woman should look after the kids because they wanted to have them,
    she replied well my fella wanted to have kids aswell. Now i am firmly of the belief that men never want to have kids,
    we simply say we do so that we can shag more. Now i was wondering what you the esteemed arrsers thought on this
    often delicate subject?
  2. JESUS! Ive just read the title and thought, this could attract the wrong crowd!

    So if you have come to this thread expecting the type of thing you would only find on

    glitters computer, then its not for you, deevo!
  3. Damn, I was going to tick "all of the above".
  4. Funnily enough, I used to think that until I had kids, best thing that ever happened to me.

    Now I just cheat on her and lie about it. Best of both worlds. :)
  5. Bill Hicks has wise words to say on this matter: 'No man wants children. Any man who thinks or says he wants children, is no longer a man but a pussy whipped freak of nature and is out of the man club.'
  6. why are you old people not in bed, i would be but im stagging on!
  7. you see i knew it wasn't just me, ive got two kids, love them to bits, would i swap them, in a heart beat, for some bread and a old toaster!
  8. Excessive alcohol over the bank holiday has totally fcuked my body clock.

    I figure that if I drink until tomorrow dinnertime, I'll wake up on Tuesday morning ready to go back to work :)
  9. Are the two mutually exclusive?
  10. Stupid double posting :roll:
  11. sex only please. kids are too bloody expensive.
  12. Because it's 1304 here. Fcuk me! What's that behind you? For God's sake don't turn around!
  13. If god had wanted me Auntie_ho to have kids he wouldn't have invented anal sex.
    There is no way that I would ever under anycircumstances want kids. I can't stand them.

    I don't care if it means later on in life I end up on my own , old and lonley in some squalid unwashed flat,surrounded by empty wine bottles, pot noodle cartons and porn. At least I can die knowing I havn't spent a penny of my hard earned cash on my ungrateful kids who probably would have hated me anyway 'cos Im a Cnut and a sh*t dad.
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I just want the sex....THANKFULLY,my G/F's best mates have both dropped sprogs over the past year or so so babysitting for them have put Miss Spike totally off having any rug-rats for the time being!!
  15. Along the same lines - the wife decides good time to have kids, hmm, says I, but then realise that one of the common stories in the literature mrs os has made me read is that if your trying for kids,it can take months if not years. "Ah" says I months, if not years of condom free sex, anywhere and everywhere, just like the old days, until baby is duly made. Great, let the games begin, and the good times roll. Cue lots of sex which was very on the lines of pre marriage sex! This lasts for approximatly 2 weeks when the mussis tells me she is late (she is never late) so we get THE test. and OS's plan of lots of nookie goes down th epan, little did he know he would have rather agile little chaps. Can i sue those books that promised me months, if not years of good sex?

    On the plus side, its a minimum of 9 months of a gurenteed driver for night out!!!