Did you vote in that last Election?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by k613, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. I have just read the Lynne Jones thread and I was insenced by her attitude which I feel typifies New Labour. For years Bliar has shafted all branches of the Armed Forces, it's time for him to go I feel. Are you registered to vote? If not, get registered, speak to the RAO about it and do something about it.
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    This thread makes no sense.

    If your cry is to get bLiar out, why ask what we voted last time? People may have switched allegiance.
  3. I was curious to see how many of us voted rather than what we voted.
  4. would have loved to vote last time but handily for Bliar and his cohorts our paperwork did not arrive in BFG until after the result of the election had been announced in the UK. This after me labouring the importance of voting to our younger lads for weeks before hand. It seems we are employed to export Bliars brand of democracy around the world but are not subject to it ourselves.

    Hang em all the treacherous b*****ds.
  5. I can hear screams of institutionilised racism coming........
  6. .The RAO told us that the votes from HM Forces were either put in too late or the paper work arrived after the election ..That was handy of B liar..

    I read somewhere that Labour got in ...not because of an over whelming majority of voters but no one else voted for the other parties, it was one of the lowest counts of votes so he got in by default. Is that correct ?
  7. Yes i did vote but i ask myself Why did i bother? the party i voted for didn't get in and even if they had done would we be any better off? me thinks not!
    BNP not very strong in Wiltshire at the moment so i shall have to pray harder ;)
  8. The problem i have with this is that you do not have all parties on your vote sheet. (I voted for Plaid Cymru)
  9. and not too handy for us in NI...
  10. Maybe A. N. Other is called for?
  11. Yes, and not for the winners. Howard was OK, Cameron worse than useless, rarely has anyone talked so much and said so little. Except for Bliar, Brown, Browne, Beckett and the rest of the crap destroying Britain...
  12. The main thing about voting is that it is very feckin unfair.

    I don't like the fact that I cannot vote for the party that may the best for the country without having to elect a potential toerag at a local level.

    I detest the fact that a majority of the populace are not represented at parliament.

    No I didn't vote. I would have but my papers never got to me in time.
  13. Why is everyone saying they didnt vote because they "didnt get their papers in time"

    In line with Army policy we got the local Registration people in and registered to vote with them. We were then bombarded with options of how to vote including internet voting if you were away at the time.

    I can only guess that your out in BFG and have the joys of the delays in the postal system to deal with.

    We had the candidates outside the voting station approaching people with last minute attempts to sway their votes..... Labour candidate approached me and got both Barrels :) " Unless your Leader grows some balls and formally apologises to the troops and their families for lying and sending 150 of us to our deaths over "a mistake" then he can poke off to.... Or words to that effect, I have seen soldiers under fire take more time to run for cover than he took ;)

  14. I dunno why mine never got to me, I was in the UK but they tipped up 2 days after the election. Wouldn't have made a difference anyway but it's not the point is it?
  15. Which election was this for Azrael?