Did YOU smash this horror? If so, the Daily Mail would like to know.

There are quite a few on here who would have no problem helping her maintain her level of confidence.
Her mother's employment is listed as childminder!!??? Bet she's fucking unemployed now!!


What a gash article. There are no nude photos. No links to the dating sites that she's used, or her mobile number.

Apalling reporting.


I appear to be missing a trick with these dating sites!
Not guilty! To be fair, it would have been cheaper to find a half decent hooker than pay for hotel room and train fares for some grotty 15 year old!
I would,but then I would confess to the police and get thrown in gaol,then I could have all the sex I desired,even if it would be a bit rough.....


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Daily Mail said:
[h=2]Sadly, her story is becoming all too common...
I'm obviously using the wrong websites.
I'd have waited til she was 16 then annilated her!


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I'd have waited til she was 16 then annilated her!
If you read further in the article, a 15 year old killed herself when she was rejected as being underage by some bloke.... It makes turning her arrse into something resembling a Japanese flag at an early age a civic duty and should be encouraged.

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