Did you serve with Randy Andy.......post stories here first!

Saw this on the web 8O

I think we have a right to know first..............failing that shall we concoct some and submit them...... :twisted: Need your help Berny I reckon!

"Did you serve with HRH Prince Andrew? A Channel 4 producer would like to speak to you as soon as possible for a documentary focusing on Prince Andrew and his navy career.

Helen Littleboy of Diverse Production would like to speak to personnel who have left the forces as well as those who are still in who served alongside Prince Andrew during his navy years.

She's keen to talk to anyone who knew his Royal Highness - from training days at Dartmouth and Culdrose, to his time in 820 NAS on HMS Invincible as part of the Falklands Task Force, as well as colleagues throughout his later career.

Helen needs to speak to you urgently. Please contact webmaster@modoracle.com where your details will be passed on. Please include a telephone number."