Did you need to do 'taining' before you went into basic?

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Speedy, Dec 1, 2011.

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  1. I can't help but note a lot of 'What should I be doing?' and 'Can I take 'insert-rip-off-body-mass-building-product-here' safely?' type threads being started by concerned youngsters worried about not making the required level of basic of fitness before entering training.
    Did anyone here actually do any phy before going to Sutton Coldfield, or wherever the Jocks did theirs? Or even after that and going into basic/JLR?
    I recall just turning up and, well, running and getting in within the allotted time. Mind you, there wern't that many porkers around in the mid-80's.
    Any other phys the army requied was beasted into me over the course of 12 months at Colerne!
  2. I was the same. Rocked up to Phase 1 without any training at all. Passed all phys etc with good times.

    Though I had always been very active as a kid and played a lot of sports.
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I was given a phys journal to complete on the run up to joining the mob. I had to write down how many runs I'd been for and what times I'd got.

    I filled it out with another recruit on the train to basic.
  4. I just ran, did a bit of gym work, but mainly ran and ran and ran. I was pretty fit anyway working on the farm helped with the strength side of it.
  5. what the **** is 'taining'?
  6. Pretty much just turned up, got beasted, went to first unit with no real drama (I was a Scaley though).
    Were we fitter?
    Were the fitness standards lower?
    Are the new recruits less fit?
    Are the new fitness standards higher?
  7. I was an accomplished (ish) cross country runner prior to joining up so I just trained as usual.

    The only phys I found strenuous in training was hanging from the wallbars in the gym alongside 40 other blokes, for about 30 minutes due to one of us having double creases in our PT shorts.

    Apparantly, kneeling gun drills are good for you too.
  8. It's a typo of "training". Most people with an average reading level would have worked it out.

    Oh, sorry you were being "amusing".
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  9. It's an amalgum of TA Training, therefore in essence, means badly delivered and executed.
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  10. To be honest there wasn't really the opportunity back in the 70's. Foreign holidays were the privilage of the wealthy; if you were bought up in a working class environment then holidays were taken at dismal UK seaside resorts where the sun rarely shined. Don't even think that sun beds were common then. So no, I turned up looking bleached white and had to wait for a trip to Cyprus before my first real tanning experience.
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  11. I do recall my first PT session. A nice gentle run around the airfield. After I thought 'This won't be so bad'. It turned out the PTI was just assessing us.
    The next PT session was a whole different matter. A long introduction to the world of pain.
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  12. oldbaldy

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    1. Battlefield Tours


    It was 'Cough' 'OK your in'
  13. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    I did lots of running, but Basic took care of any press-ups I'd forgotten to do beforehand. Oh, and sit-ups. And heaves to the beam. And seal crawls, etc, etc.

    I always remember being surprised at the emphasis on heart, lungs and legs. I'd expected much more upper body conditioning than we got, or perhaps I expected to emerge Adonis-like, but I just remember everyone being skinny; I think I was about 9 1/2 stone at the end of it all and I wasn't unusual.

    This was 1987. The supplement industry didn't really exist, at least I was unaware of it in the 'buy it in bulk from Tesco' form it has now. My cousin, who was into weights, used to do the 'two raw eggs in a glass of milk' thing every morning before breakfast. I tried it and decided to stay skinny.

    But you only have to look around a gym today to see that among many of the young there's an attitude of bulk = fitness. That's driven by Hollywood post-Arnie, I think. If you looked at fit or athletic people in films prior to the early/mid 1980s, they were slim. The current is more of an attitude/perception than a fitness reality; the reality is that it's all just weight you'll have to carry.

    These days, mind, it's training to keep the weight off rather than put it on. Oh, the irony...
  14. Before I joined crab air I got a sheet of A4 with some sort of training programme, I remember 1.5 mile runs sit ups and press ups but thats about all. I think back then in RAF basic (and it was very very basic) the only phys test to pass was a 1.5 mile run.
  15. Rocked up to Sutton Coldfield having done no phys, passed the assessments there no prob, 3 months later, bowled through the gates of St Omer still having doen no phys, got an "E" on the initial assessment on Day 3, 8 weeks later, managed an "A" happy days. The training programme on the noticeboard in the block confused me, saw "PT-END" on there in week 3 and thought "that's nice, no more PT", one of the senior squad put me right on that "It stands for PT-Endurance Run" :slow: