Did you miss tha "Midlands premier recruiting drive"

I was there it was shoite to be honest, for recruits there was two much to look at and most were attracted to the stuff like AS90, chally 2, and the like whereas REME, signals and the like held little attraction. The idea of ta units coaching potential recruits there only for them to be poached by other units is ****.

For the regulars though it probably made sense logistically - why have one recruiting team visit one school when all the recruiting teams can set up in one location and bring the schools to them giving a broad overview of all the jobs available.
TA wise it raised our profile with the schoolies who might consider the TA and know what we are about in a few years time.

From the mug who was standing there most of the week trying to fend of gypo thieveing schoolkids, there was a few high points:
- corny recruiting lines "One army, Full time, Part time and cadet" and "touch the green"
- during the RMP getting thrown into the wall and looking a cnut
- The irish guards shagging the medic who looked about twelve then said IG's smashing up room of bucktoothed acf bint

Sorry to hear you had such a torrid time at Midlands Soldier, I was also there for the duration of the event, but came away with an entirely different viewpoint.

Whilst I agree that from a TA perspective, the show had limited recruiting value. We are judged on immediate results and can't afford to play the long game, which the regular army can. Planting the seed early is fine if a young lad or lass then wants to do nothing else but be a soldier, but our soldiers tend to have jobs in the civilian workplace.

But that said we did have the opportunity to take as many potential recruits as we wanted to the event. They were met at our TA Centres, escorted by our TA soldiers and then taken back to our TA centres, Bags of opportunity to sell you unit to your guests there I would think.

And the other advantage of a large scale event like the one at Stafford was the opportunity to talk to other units (Regular and TA) see the equipment that they brought to the party, make notes on what was good or bad, what worked what didn’t. And then take that back and where appropriate apply it to what we do.

As for the event being the best kept secret, The reg's don't have to advertise it, they go direct to schools colleges and uni's and have no trouble getting 1000 people a day to attend. The event was carried on most local radio stations in the midlands and it was wearing a bit thin hearing it on my drive to work every day. The web site advertising last year’s event falls to the RFCA and their media group. The site should have been cleared or updated, sadly it clearly wasn't.

I understand that One Army Recruiting (OAR) is a thorny issue at the moment and there is a lot to do to make sure we, the TA are treated as equal partners in this effort. I don’t know about you guy’s but I am looking forward to getting access to even a limited amount of what the regs pour into recruiting.


i was there and can say that compared to last years in was rubbish. on the evenings there just wasnt enough time and on the cavelry stand the household guard in No 1's actually told me that he couldnt be arrsed with it anymore,so he was hardly the best man for the job. as for the schoolkids we were having a job stopping them from either theiving or breaking stuff. on the chally 2 one schoolgirl decided to manually traverse the turret and needless to say that didnt go down well. but recruiting wise it hasnt been bad, with us now having a full complement of soldiers (albeit about 25% of our strengh untrained)
What stands were you on???

tothepubandbeyond RMLY???

The week was useful for seeing how the reg's have a well developed recruiting "corporate image" (regimental t-shirts and jackets as opposed to being just another soldier in cs95) which needs to be copied/ tailored to our needs and how the TA needs a more rofessional approach to recruiting.
If you are thinking of going down the Army Polo shirt and fleece road for your recruiting teams, then in the first instance I would sugest you take that up with your Regimental Recruiting, Retention & welfare Officer (RRRWO), each unit has recently had one appointed. I have been in the business of supplying them to my staff for some time and I have been using a Company called "Banana moon" just type that into a search engine or go straight to sales@bananamoon.com, I have found their prices competative and the quality of their work excellent.



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