Did you know.................................

......that 'Jocky' Wilson, chirpy Scots dart-chucker and all round fat bloke, collects R Sigs attributable medals??

Don't believe me? Then have a butchers here http://www.jockywilson.com/2.html

Good luck to him, says I. Always thought that he was yer usual fried Mars Bar eating sweaty.

As its a fairly slow day, anybody else got any similar bits of 'Z' list related military trivia?
Its bollicks, go to the home page and its all explained

"QUOTE" This unfortunatly, is not a site dedicated to Scotland's last great sporting heroes.
It's my webpage and has boring stuff about my medal collection.

Jocky is one of scotland's globally recognised sporting heros (Darts and Drinking), along with Frank McAvennie (Football and Birdz). Those were the days when Scotland had something to shout about as a sporting nation.

I'm in the process of updating and photographing my collection and will add this to the website when I can.

If you want more info on Jocky go here: "UNQUOTE"

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