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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Benchas, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. That if you get posted to Canada, when you come back to England you are not eligible to claim Jobseekers Allowance, even though you went out of your way to arrange voluntary contributions for 2 years? *********!!!! :x
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    I think you will find that you will have problems even in EU countries. I think your voluntary contributions are more to do with pension contributions.
  3. Get a fucking job then.
  4. Stab, it's called 2"jobseekers allowance" for a reason - they will be claiming it whilst seeking a job, that's the idea, anyway. No need to make a snap judgement that Benchas is a work shy benefit seeker.
  5. Thanks for the support Goon. I have followed the ******* Army for 17 years and have never been unemployed for more than a month on arrival at new postings. Stab Tiffy you are a ******* retard.
  6. I am about to complete 23 years in the Regs and leave in 4 days, I will become a camp follower as I am off to the fatherland mit the frau. How will this affect my contributions? Bearing in mind that the Highwayman department will be taxing my forces pension each month?
  7. If you want to keep your old age pension in force, you can pay Class 4 contributions, I think, by direct debit from a UK bank account - and they will never know! Details from their website. Old age pensions are index linked if you live in the EU but not, generally, elsewhere.

    You can visit the Pension website and fill in the form that will tell you how much you have already contributed! It used to be called a "BR19"! This is totally different to your military pension.

  8. Olod age pension uis not index linked in the way civil service pensions are index linked. The rise paid from April is based on the retail price ind3ex in November when it is historically at it's lowest. It is also based on a "shopping basket" of items that does not include the rises in Council taxm rents and Mortgage interest rates. A true "index linked " pension is the type paid to senior civil servants amd MPs and is based on the average wage.
  9. I believe voluntary contributions are paid to ensure that you retain your pension rights (as opposed to relying on your spouse's contributions).

    I am not familiar with all the details but I believe something like this has been a long running argument for years. If you up sticks and follow your spouse on a posting to foreign climes, you are classified as making yourself jobless, and the rules state that you can't claim unemployment benefit, either in country or on your return.

    All I can suggest is that you write to your MP (details from www.theyworkforus.com), with a copy to the Dept of Work & Pensions, or whatever they are called today, explaining your circumstances and asking that they do something to help you.

    Please publish the response here!

  10. I will disagree with you, there!

    AFAIK, all Government pensions, old age, military and Civil Service, are currently linked to the RPI. MPs' pensions are probably linked to the champagne index.

    The Government previously promised that it will link pensions to the index of average wages but not before 2012. They won the election and not a word about it has been heard since. I leave you to draw your own conclusions!

    The RPI includes council tax, mortgages and rent; the CPI does not. Guess which one the Government wants us to use....

  11. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Some good advice from Litotes FF. Keep up your pension contributions and check the web site for your forecast although I believe forcast are only available if you are over 50 but not to sure on that point.

    Getting a forecast is always worthwhile as you may find you will have paid the necessary contributions which kicks in at a certain age if you are unemployed.
  12. Benchas, I have just wrote to my MP as my wife is in the same boat, will update if I get a reply.
  13. I got a job as soon as I arrived here in Germany and although I dont pay tax on my earnings, I do pay NI contributions, so for the time we have been here Ive paid my contributions every month.

    As for job seekers allowance, if you are in reciept of a military pension, you wont get job seekers allowance, for every pound you recieve from your pension they take a pound off the allowance, and as the pension is a lot higher than the allowance.......
  14. Its my wife who is being refused Filbert,I unfortunately have just over a year to push :)
  15. Ok Update with my original e mail.

    Dear Francis Maude,

    I am a British Soldier with 20 years service, much of which has taken me
    some of the hot spots of the world, of which I have never once
    questioned or
    attempted to dodge. My wife and family have accompanied me throughout my
    career and supported me at all times. I have recently returned from 5
    service in Germany where my wife has always worked in the clerical world
    a variety of British Forces establishments. On our return we are told
    she is
    not allowed to claim any job seekers allowance as she has made herself
    unemployed, is the system, (like many systems I have found on my
    totally ignorant to British Forces or is it policy to discriminate
    the Armed Forces and their families, treating them as second class
    I know I am not alone in this problem as many families face the same
    on return from overseas. A solution to this problem would make lots of
    people feel more valued and help with retention statistics within the

    Yours sincerely,

    I got a reply almost immediately, and we had the result we wanted in a matter of days, along with an apology from the dept of w + p. Reply was;

    Dear Mr xxxx
    Thank you for your e-mail.
    We will immediately take this up with the Secretary of State for Work
    and Pensions, who is responsible for policy on the payment of benefit.
    As soon as we have a response, we will let you know.
    Yours sincerely
    Pippa Way
    Office of Rt Hon Francis Maude MP

    This was followed by myself sending a thank you e mail when it was resolved. I am now the proud owner of a letter from the house of commons, downstairs bog here it comes.