Did you know LCpl Richard Gotts? (Richie)

Im hoping someone here may be able to help me.

Im an ex-partner of Richie's, he died in Sept 07 of a heart attack, he was based in Germany at the time of his death with 24 Reg RLC & was previously based at 29reg South Cerney, as well as other places inc Belgium. He was a movement controller.

We have a 3yr old daughter together, and I'm trying set up a memory box for her off her dad, the older she gets the more she wants to know about him.

If anyone here knew him, and can help with this project I'd be really grateful.

Please feel free to PM me.

Thanks very much.
Nope, sorry. But RIP Richie!


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I know a mover that has spent most of his career at South Cerney. I will try to get hold of him this weekend and see if he can help at all. I will point him to this thread.


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Hi Peachy, I spoke to my mate, he said he knew of your husband but had never worked with him so had nothing that he could offer sorry.

Hope you get everything you need.
I would imagine (and hope) you have tried both Welfare Officers at 24 & 29 Regt to ask within the units? It might come across better asking through that avenue than on here? This way, people with pictures, memories etc are more likely to give them to you through the Welfare Office than through a PM.
I have copied your message onto the Facebook sites of Movement Control and 29 Regt. It has also been put on the Waggoners site.
There are lots of photos on both Facebook sites, if you are a member it is well worth a look, Richie may be in a pic there.

Sorry for your loss and I hope you get some good material for your daughter.


I knew Richie when he was a Dvr in 21 SQN RCT, 3 ADTR based in Duisburg. I cant say we were best mates really but again if you look on facebook for 3 ADTR then you may find some people who knew him better than I did.

Amiable guy with a penchant for cowboy boots if I remember correctly!
Hiya Stain

Thanks for the message

He was in Bielefeld from 2005-2007
Cerney from 2001 to 2005.
Belgium 1998 - 2001.
& Aldershot before '98

Thats as far back as I can go. If anyone can help or know someone who might then please pass the message on.
hiya, read your post before, I was there when he died, not in the car with him but at 24 Regt RLC. Richie was a Lcpl working in the Movement Control Centre with WO2 Steve Pennington, there were also a few others (they change over so quickly) I worked in the Travel Centre next door and spoke frequently with Richie. Have you been given phone numbers for the welfare office at the Regt?


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