Did You Know in Germany

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Johnny_Norfolk, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. Copper pipe is in imperial measures

    Bicycle frame sizes are in inches

    You can buy a loaf of bread that is in the old 'pund' weight and not in grammes.

    They have no intention of changing as thats how it was set up after the war.

    But what do we do. ?

    The French ban smoking in public places but it is left up to the local mayor to decide how it is implimented..

    What do we do ?

    So it goes on. We are the bigest fools allowing the EU thing to continue.
  2. ALL piping in Germany is measured in inches
    The German expression is "Zollmaße" (inch measurements) and they use the singular, like we do, e.g. 20 Zoll, and not 20 Zölle.
    "Ein Pfund" (one pound) is exactly equal to 500 grammes, or a half-kilo, and it's not just bread they buy using that weight, but also flour, sausage, cheese, cement and many other items. "Ein Zentner" (cwt) is 100 "Pfund" (also called "ein Schneidergewicht), which is exactly 50 kilos.

    The German word for rule (carpenter's rule, etc) is "Zollstock" - literally "inch-stick", and it's normally one metre long.

    What do we do ?

    Agreed! :D :D :D

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