Did you know Huw Paffard?

Words just can't describe how awful this news is. I didn't know Huw as I arrived in Gut just after he left Germany, but many of the people I worked with did know him and so I know him only by name and reputation.

My deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

Has anyone posted this on PPRuNe incase anyone there needs to know?


Sorry Guys,

This is old news....albeit very sad.  His wife came over to Yeovilton for his wake in 98.  She seemed ok on the surface.

As to Paffs....yep I knew him......a bit unconventional at times but the bottom line is that I would go to war with him and he was genuine, if not outspoken on occasions.

To be honest, he died doing what he loved doing, when I heard the news my thoughts went to his sister and the groom.....can you imagine waiting for the helicopter to arrive at a wedding recption and being told that it had crashed...... :'(