Did you know, Britains oldest Asian ally?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumrunner, Apr 15, 2006.

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  1. For f cuks sake dont tell tony . They have a nasty maoist insurrection at present . I doubt us getting involved would do any good .
    Unless we decide to enlist every suitable male .
  2. I thought Ally McCoist was Britain's oldest European ally.
  3. Uness they have a natural resource (I never mentioned oil) then I can't see us getting involved. Sorry I mean Weapons of Mass Destruction, or the chance of it destabising the whole region....
  4. They do have a natural resource, it's called the Gurkhas, haven't seen many unnatural ones, well maybe just the one.
  5. Lets just say for sake of discussion that the protests/revolution that is going on at the moment is sucessful and the king gets deposed by the Moaists.

    What would the status of the Gurkha troops be then I wonder?

    Could be interesting times ahead perhaps.
  6. They could use them in Tiananmen Square, they could crush student protesters with ther bagpipes.
  7. Eh, No
  8. Chineses peoples army 1 bowl of rice a day .British army decent wage plus pension .Doubt the maoists will be to keen on disrupting
    the gurkhas joining the uk .Also arent the chinese not to keen on mao anymore since he turned out to be a fat bloke with a liking for little girls .