Did you know a professional footballer won a VC?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FSF, Sep 8, 2010.

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    For some reason the link seemed to corrupt - I copied and pasted it right, I'm sure. Anyway, it's fixed now. Cheers.
  4. Is that you Rick?
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    Apparently William Angus from Celtic is another footballer to win the VC.
  6. Willie Angus wasn't a very "established" professional footballer and certainly not in the same league as Simpson Bell.

    Bernard Vann who played for the Cobblers and Derby County won the VC but he was a "gentleman" not a "player" and was a Cambridge soccer blue. His VC was won during the Crossing of the Canal du Nord. He also won the MC and bar. He died before the VC award was published. He was an ordained minister but opted to serve as a line officer in the Sherwood Foresters and was commanding their 1/6th Bn when killed in October 1918.
  7. Sorry, that sounds a bit cold about Willie Angus. He was a reserve player for two seasons at Celtic Park but be that as it may, he won his VC in stellar style risking his own life to rescue his officer. His distinction as a VC winner is perhaps due to his being the first Scottish Territorial to win one. Or perhaps that he was wounded forty times whilst so doing, losing an eye?

    If you aren't impressed yet, read this Celtic William Angus VC. What sort of nails are harder than titanium? Or indeed DU? The bloke performed possibly one of the most impressive VC acts I have ever read about and I've read 90% of them...

    Edited to add: His CO wrote "No braver deed was done in the history of the British Army."

  8. Just read that citation in the link. Feck me its gone a bit dusty in here.....not sadness, sheer fooking pride. What a bloke. Nails indeed.
  9. 8th Battalion the East Surreys also! 2DSOs, 2DCMs and a hatful of MMs.

    I think you can have just a bit too much of "Oh look at Walter Tull, didn't he do well for a...erm...professional footballer." from the PC brigade. Brian Binley MP for example is frankly an idiot trying to get Tull a posthumous MC*. He won a mention on the Piave whilst on the Italian Front 1917-1918 and his record speaks for itself regardless of whether he was a footballer, black, sky-blue pink or an orphan.

    *Please note, Brian Binley is an idiot full-stop, i'm not sure why I felt the need to qualify that statement.
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  12. Oh and Terry...17th (Service) (Football) Bn The Middlesex Regiment.
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