Did you hear the Colonel on Jeremy Vine RADIO 2 today..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Onen-Hag-Oll, Jun 11, 2010.

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  1. On Jeremy Vines show today a Colonel said the average soldiers moral was lifted by the Prime Ministers visit...AND they would prefer his visit to someone like Beyonce...Is this bloke in the ****ing Spirit World?
  2. Why would I want to see some airheaded bimbo who has no say in where, when and how I deploy when I can see the real deal? Apart from the nause of standing about waiting to meet VIPs, I'd rather see a politician who actually gets eyes on in a conflict zone than some Nuts magazine spunk trumpet.
  3. Touche'
  4. So what your saying is................................That your Gay and Gullible..
  5. Or....Your a Colonel?
  6. What I'm saying is that

    1. It's You're, not Your, you illiterate tosser.
    2. You clearly have never deployed, as you would realise what an absolute pain in the arrse seeing these wanabees is. And the Nuts girls. They're both annoying, but at least the politician can be made to squirm when given a choice unfiltered question.
    3. Do one.
  7. sounds like a compromise
  8. Not sure that would be too great, alsthough it was a great speech. But, after she's had the baby -

    perhaps Sam Cam might come on out and show us what it's all about!!
  9. Not deployed....I was in Bagdad when you were in your dads bag.
  10. Liar..Obviously you SEEM to think YOU know all about me...Weirdo.
  11. I know that you listen to Jeremy Vine, and that you can't spell. Sounds very RAF to me- a complete lack of class.
  12. met tony blair in kabul 06, he went to shake my hand I said no thanks,

    i got the bollocking of a life time and loads of shit dutys,
    freedom of speach not in the military!

    editted to add i also saw the page 3 birds a few weeks late got a piccy show off to me mukka's and no bollocking,

    I'll take the big titted bimbo rather then normal bimbo any day :D
  13. Your weird.....And probably hated by all.
  14. See, now I liked him as a person......BUT I agree with you...If you did not vote him in, or agree with his politics, then you were within your rights to do what you did..As a voter.......As a member of HMF,and he was the Queens rep, your fooked..But hat off to you..Well in.