Did we draw the short straw?

Did those of us in the 1958-1962 generation draw the short straw? I'm asking because;

a) The School leaving age went up to 16 just before we left,

b) We had 11 mins & 30 seconds for a BFT at 16. At 29 we should have gained 30 seconds but instead lost it therefore were still running a BFT @35 in the same time as a 16 year old nig.

c) Pay & conditions have apparrently improved since we left, as has the likes of Soldier mag,

d) We must wait beyond 65 to receive our 'normal' pensions yet were halfway through this particular marathon (& all the others) when the goalposts were moved!

Feel free to add to this list:)
I got free milk and a wee nap...but then again I was born in 65 so I'm out of the age range here
And I was born WAY back in 54 and we didn't get a nap though we did get free milk.

There was no lactose intolerance then, just synchronized puking.
...& I forgot to mention the old (9 wk & 6 wk) Warminster & Brecon courses (tough but thoroughly enjoyable) & the thing that really p*ssed me off was having to undertake a warrant officers course for each of my three cap- badges, 2 of which were a complete waste of time as I was considerably more qualified than any of the instructors but I had to comply in order to get a piece of paper!

Rant over:)
Not at all mate.

I started school in 1958 (Stopsley Infants) and never got a calculator, let me think... till I got to Technical college whilst doing me apprenticeship.

Consequently had to calculate everything in my head or by use of log or trig tables.

I wouldn't change a thing; I'd like to see any sixth former do use log or trig tables today.


War Hero
1950 vintage for me - sick of free milk.

Most memorable thing that happened was Brian Boyce's Dad bursting into the classroom and chinning the teacher for slippering his very naughty son!

Log/anti-log tables no sweat - characteristic and mantissa. Best with a slide rule that is on my desk at work.

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