Did UK Forces ever do duty at Checkpoint Charlie?

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by DocSausage, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. Reason I ask is a woman has started working with my missus who could be ex RMP or possibly MoD Plod who reckons she took the flag down for the final time at Checkpoint Charlie.

    I reckon this is total bollocks not least because I can't see what Brits were doing in the American sector and even if we were I can't believe something as significant as the final flag of the cold war would be entrusted to a British squaddie.

    She opened her account early doors by asking for NATO standard coffee which was quite a novelty for the accounts department of a care home company by I'm fairly convinced she's a bit of a Jackanory job.
  2. Checkpoint Charlie was the Allied checkpoint in Berlin,between East,and West.

    Manned by Brit,American,and French Mp's jointly,along with Bravo,at the Berlin end of the road corridor,and Alpha at the Helmstedt end of the road corridor.

    Question answered!

    You could have googled it and saved everyone the trouble,and increased your somewhat limited knowledge,of matters Cold War !
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  3. Wasn't Charlie an allied check point? I am not a cold war buff so don't know the particulars....


  4. Look at your picture,answers your own question. ;-)

    This piccy was taken from the Eastern side,hence the 'you're entering the American sector',along with the flags of the mp's who man it!
  5. I don't even know which side I am looking - that's how bad I am! :)

  6. The big white notice on the left hand side,and the sign with Allied Checkpoint on it,in front of the little white hut,with 3 flags on it,all clues! ;-)
  7. There is no way in hell the Yanks let her take their flag down, so unlessthere was another one or she ripped the wooden sign down...

    How long has she been out? it is law for every week of civvieness you can cnut punt her for asking for NATO standard. Double if she asks for 'Warsaw Pact'.
  8. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Does she look like the one on the right?

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  9. Thanks for the prompt replies guys and a particular thanks to RoofRat. Having been to the old East and Berlin many times and passed through all three checkpoints I am aware that they were allied checkpoints but I didn't know whether the Americans exclusively manned Charlie or whether it was shared hence my question

    If replying to my question caused you any trouble you could have ignored it and I wouldn't now be thinking "what a patronising twat!"
  10. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Excuse me, I wasn't being patronising, you never said whose flag she said she had taken down and in my experience there are a lot of East Europeans working in care homes!
  11. The Americans treat their flag with a lot more respect than the Brits treat the Union Flag (Belfast City Hall excepted). I doubt very much if they would allow a Brit woman (even HM) take down the Stars and Stripes at Checkpoint Charlie for the last time
  12. Not you FF, it was the first reply from RoofRat that got my back up particularly as he doesn't know anything about me

    I was already venting my spleen before your post arrived, but could have worded it better, think then retaliate!
  13. Could only find one photo of the closing ceremony party. I do know that all four foriegn secretaries were present.
    Although the checkpoint was in the American sector, it was an allied checpoint, so I think all three of the allied flags would have been taken down at the final ceremony. It is possible that she could have done the Union flag.
    IIRC correctly the Yanks had the office nearest the border, the Brits had the middle office and the French the one furthest from the line. The hut always seemed a bit shabby and run down whenever I popped in with my paperwork for travelling across.

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  14. 148469_164989640203535_100000774998152_285226_7634909_n.jpg

    A hemmmmmm......Self taken BTW.


    Is she wearing a bum bag under her tunic?
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    Are you calling my Mum a liar shorty?