Did this Vicar snub the Dead Royal Marine Hero?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 4, 2007.

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  1. No the Church did

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  2. No the Sun made it up

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  3. No the Sun mis-represented the situation

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  4. Yes get with the headline baby!

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  5. Yes check with other media sources

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  6. Muslims planted the story to damage the Cof E

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  7. Yes the vicar is guilty and must be hounded

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  8. The Royal Marines family think he did

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  9. The Royal Marines family think he didn't

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  1. I now say -

    But originally I said something like -

    To which PTP snappily retorted -
    To which I added the poll, changed the title, added my new opening line (see above) and wrote the below -
    Which as PTP knows is directed against his comment

    on this thread;


    is everything properly confused now?

    As requested PTP

  2. I read about this yesterday, what planet is this guy living on??? this is no way to make a political statement
  3. Disgusting.

    Get some of our padres down there to give him a hint.
  4. More to the point how can a religious zealot dictate what the community wants.................again there is no place for religion in a modern world
  5. Bet he gets a named park bench when he pops his clogs! santamonious twat
  6. Well said, i agree completely.
  7. Not sure that the Almighty is on the Net, but if you read the address it seems to be to the Bishop of Lincoln. Don't bash the bishop too hard, though.
  8. I thought that vicars were supposed to be supportive of their communities? I know the vicar of our village church at home is, and that goes for the people who attend services and those that don't. It certainly seems that it is the community that wants the memorial, after all they raised the money.

    I know that there have to be some rules as to what can be done in the church, but if you go to any church and look round you will see plenty of memorials to local people who have died in wars, accidents and even just had plenty of money. I don't think the 'rule' about not being 'our war' is a valid one.

    With religion becoming a less important feature in the lives of christians in our country, an idiot like this one isn't exactly doing the church a favour is he. If his superiors want to support him, fine, but I don't think there are many others who will.
  9. Correct. It's the Bishop of Lincoln, this vicar's boss.

    If anyone is writing, I would recommend focusing on the comment. In looking deeper, it seems that there is a general edict that memorials are only erected on church properties 5 or more years after someone dies, and I guess this is understandable, as otherwise everyone would want a memorial at the moment their loved one dies, and the you wouldn't be able to get to the door because of all the benches in the way.

    Focus on the comment, because that is the truly unforgivable part of the matter.

  10. Sent mine off - luckily I did focus on the comment, but also added a bit that should make them both ashamed
  11. all stop attending his services he`ll so be removed
  12. Let's be real does anyone go in the first place
  13. Not terribly Christian is he?
  14. My email below. If anyone wants to cut & paste, feel free......

    Your Excellency,

    I write with regards to the media coverage of the Rev. Mike Page-Chestney's conduct in the matter of the request to place a bench and plaque dedicated to L/Cpl Mathew Ford in his churchyard.

    Whilst I fully understand the need for the church to wait 5 years after a person's death before allowing a memorial in their name - I imagine if this was not the case, it would soon become impossible to house all such requests - surely this is all that the vicar needed to explain. If there is any truth to media reports that he told Mathew Ford's mother that the church would not allow such a memorial because the conflict in Afghanistan was not "our war", then this is simply intolerable.

    Mathew Ford chose to serve in our country's armed forces. He didn't sign up on the basis that he could choose which wars he fought in and which ones he decided weren't for him. His pledge was unconditional, and this country's support for him and his family should be equally unconditional. The Church of England is the official religion of this country, and this places the church in a privileged position within the workings of the State. The Rev. Page-Chestney has every right to be personally opposed to military operations in Afghanistan, and the politicians who sent L/Cpl Ford to fight there, but being opposed to a government policy does not under any circumstances give him the right to treat the family and memory of L/Cpl Ford with such apparent contempt.

    Of course, I have only seen the media's coverage of this story, and I have no doubt your office will be investigating it to determine the exact circumstances. If this story is as a result of a misunderstanding, then I am sure that this will be clarified, but if there is any truth whatsoever to the comments being attributed to Rev. Page-Chestney, then I sincerely hope you will encourage him to do the honourable thing by making a very public apology to L/Cpl Ford's family and the Armed Forces in general as part of a statement of resignation.

    I am not myself a Christian, although I strive to exhibit many of what are often termed Christian values. I do not necessarily agree with the views of the Church of England on many things, but I have always had great respect for the Church for keeping alive the memory of the men and women who have given their lives for our country in the past. Please do not allow that respect to be tarnished by one vicar's ill-advised personal comments.

    Yours sincerely,
  15. your right