Did they land on the moon?



Did anyone see the programme on channel 5 on sunday night about whether or not they really did land on the moon?

It was fascinating. This one guy had built up all this evidence that points to the whole moon landing being a set up by NASA. He thinks it was filmed in a studio in area 51, because there were so many inconsistencies.

Did anyone else see it and afterwards, did you think they really did land on the moon? I didn't.


They must have been to the moon otherwise that London bus or that B-17 would never have got there!

The "Space Race" was all about propoganda, if there was so much evidence that America hadn't been to the moon wouldn't the Soviets have picked up on it and gone to the newspapers?  The Soviets were obviously convinced enough that they'd been otherwise they wouldn't have conceeded defeat in the race.
Personally I would hesitantly say they probably didn't, although as Eagle said some of it is almost certainly fake. After all, a heroic big Yank next to a waving flag is a lot more ego boosting than a white blob poking the grund with a long line of fuzz.

But does anyone else get rather annoyed that the general populace, particularly in America, are far to interested in dicrediting the government, and unveiling all it's "conspiracies"? It doesn't seem to occur to them that it's conspiracies like this are the sort of thing which win wars, or in this case, potentially avoid them. Particularly with black projects and so on, what has the government got to gain? The main real answer is that it protects the population, so  why fight it?

Bad CO

My biggest  problem with any of the conspiracy theories is - do you really think that our government is competent enough to hide something like this successfully!  Let us think SA80, Millenium Dome, Channel Tunnel, etc
I think Royal Ordinance found some dirt on the government and blackmailed them into buying the SA80


There is a moonlander going next year which should settle it once and for all (unless that is a fake too).   If it was faked stand by for some serious warmongering so the Spams can "bury the bad news"-a nuclear attack on France would be big enough as well as being a bl***y good idea as well
Would you believe or trust a country that assassinated one of its most popular Presidents? ???


War Hero
It was the only place they could invade without annoying the Russki's, at least they picked on Afghanistan instead of the moon!, All done by special forces, so they say, have you noticed that General Tommy Franks looks like an alien, perhaps he was born in area 51, with joan collins as his mum.......probably, I'll keep on with the medication shall I, mind you I have a conspiracy theory about that too.............
I'm with Bad CO on this. I can't believe that any government is competent enough to run a good conspiracy. If they were faked, you can be sure that none of the Presidents since JFK knew anything about it!

Consider how many NASA employees took part in the Apollo Project, and how many geologists around the world have studied the moonrocks over the last thirty years. I'm sure that if it was faked, it would have come out by now.


Me.... I reckon it's all a HUGE conspiracy, and WE actually live on the moon, and they're all bluffing us. There is no America / Russia / Afghanistan etc etc, they're all faked just to keep us distracted from the fact that that we live up on the big piece of cheese in the sky.  

You want evidence?  I'm in Oman and there definitley ain't no atmosphere out here..........!!

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